Corby Proctor


  • Dragon Ball GT (TV): Majin Boo Sound clips available ; Bonpara; Zunama; Seven-Starred Dragon; Hades Ogre; Adult 2; Results Deliverer; Puck; (Additional Voices); Sings for Bonpara (Ocean / Toei)
  • Dragon Ball (TV): Piano; Fortuneteller Baba; Dr. Brief; Oolong; Jasmine; Shorty; Newscaster; Oonaan; Roshi's Friend; Yaochun; Silver's Right Hand; Fighter; Highfalutin Man; Larger Ref with Mustache; Chao's Father; Sumo Wrestler; Cpt. Dock; Civilian 6; Fedora 2; Bearded Spectator; Sentry; Old Man; Reporter 2; Messenger; Taxi Driver; Seaman 1; Fighter 4; Soldier 2; Spectator 1; Scorpion Orange; Dragon 2; Second Village Citizen 2; Spectator 2 (Ocean / Toei)
  • MegaMan X: Command Mission (VG): Scarface; Tails Clan (Ocean / Capcom)
  • InuYasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask (VG): Yobei (Ocean / )
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (TV): Lt. Yazan Gable; Launch Countdown; Argama Mechanic; Dogosse Gier Tech 1; Axis Pilot 2; Beltorchika's Cameraman; Black-Haired Alexandria Tech; Alexandria Tech; Gray-Haired Dogosse Gier Officer; Assembly Attendee 1; Jupitris Soldier 2; Sarah's Subordinate; Lt. Hamil; Titan Pilot 5; Jupitris Tech; AEUG Rep; Dogosse Gier Tech 3; Titan Tech 1; Titan Officer; Titan Search Soldier; Argama Hangar Man 2; (Additional Voices) (Ocean / Bandai)
  • My-乙HiME (My OTOME) (TV): Red-Haired Thug; Male Peasant 1; Male Peasant 2; Male Peasant 8; (Additional Voices) (Ocean / Bandai)
  • Hunter x Hunter (TV): Pietro Sound clips available ; Gido; Examiner Sound clips available ; Zepile; #255: Todo; Ticket Buyer; Applicant #701; Security 5; (Additional Voices) (Ocean / Viz)