Iron Man anime debuts in Japan

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Having aired just days ago, Marvel fans already seem to be split on how Iron Man looks in anime form from Madhouse. Taking place some time in-between the first and second film, Tony Stark has traveled to Japan where he is currently building a new ARC Reactor to supply free power to the citizens of Japan. Naturally, Tony’s show-off personality leaves a lot to be desired by the Japanese public on how to take the offer of the free ARC Reactor power supply at face value. Meanwhile, Stark has also been looking to retire from wearing the Iron Man Mk III suit and a new crew of three men have been selected as test pilots to wear the newly developed Dio armor. Now any long time Iron Man reader knows that the best laid plans of Tony trying to retire never work out.

The 12 episode series will follow Iron Man battling a group known as the Zodiac whose members sport armors fashioned after the twelve signs of the Zodiac. North American cable channel G4 has announced that they will be carrying the Iron Man anime along with additional adapatations of the X-Men, Blade, and Wolverine in 2011 with Madhouse providing the animation.

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