Kyle Jones

Full Name: Kyle C. Jones



  • Kino's Journey (TV): Pierre; Gun Salesman; Information Machine; Critic C; Boy; Girl A; Soldier A; (Additional Voices) (IS&M / ADV)
  • Conduct Zero (live action): Awoken Student; P.E. Student 2; Bouncer; Soo-Dong Roller Rink Victim; (Additional Voices) (IS&M / ADV)
  • Nurse Witch Komugi (OVA): (Additional Voices) (IS&M / ADV)
  • Lake Texarkana Gamera (live action): Obitsu Sound clips available ; Uncle Stubby's Radio Ad; Strongpoint Radio Soldier 1; Uncle Stubby; Man on Car Loud Speaker; Security Guard 2; Tank Soldier 1; (Additional Voices) (IS&M / ADV)
  • Shinobi (live action): Asuka Shinobi 2; (Additional Voices) (IS&M / ADV)
  • Saiyuki: Requiem (movie): (Additional Voices) (IS&M / ADV)
  • MADLAX (TV): Soldier in Panic; Soldier Elevator; Informant; Assorted Dead Soldier; Correspondant; Driver (ADV / ADV)
  • Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU (TV): Crying TV Student; Jindai Rugby Player B; Juvenile Delinquent C; (Additional Voices) (ADV / ADV)
  • Guns & Talks (live action): Cop on 3rd Floor; Cop with Chung; (Additional Voices) (ADV / ADV)
  • Dark Water (live action): Father with Fireworks; (Additional Voices) (IS&M / ADV)
  • Samurai Gun (TV): Guard B; Mister Whisper; Scumbag; Light Dude; Young Samurai Gun; Intelligence Agent B; Prisoner B; Mr. Sir; (Additional Voices) (ADV / ADV)

Crew Positions

  • Kino's Journey (TV): ADR Script (2-13); ADR Director; Producer
  • Kaleido Star (TV): ADR Director (1); ADR Script (1); Producer (1)
  • Conduct Zero (live action): Producer; ADR Director; ADR Script
  • Lake Texarkana Gamera (live action): Producer; ADR Script; ADR Director
  • Shinobi (live action): Producer (1-3); ADR Director (1-3); ADR Script (1-3)
  • MADLAX (TV): ADR Director; Producer
  • Guns & Talks (live action): ADR Director; Producer; ADR Script
  • Dark Water (live action): ADR Script; Producer; ADR Director
  • Samurai Gun (TV): Additional Music (8); Recording Engineer (1-4); Producer; ADR Director; ADR Script
  • Synesthesia (live action): ADR Script; Director
  • Ghost Train (live action): Director; ADR Script
  • Air (TV): ADR Director
  • Air (special): ADR Director
  • Air (movie): Director
  • Kanon (TV): ADR Director; ADR Script (17-24); Producer (21-24)