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  • What is CrystalAcids?

    There are a lot of misconceptions about what CrystalAcids.com is. It's often considered an English dub site... It's not. It's considered by some people to be a copycat of other sites... It's not. So then, what is CrystalAcids?

    The Original

    CrystalAcids was created because there were no other websites listing American production information. Anime watchers would ask about which voice actors worked on a title, and there was no place on the internet that collected the casting information. So CrystalAcids was created to fill this need. Since 2002, this site has been researching voice actor and production staff information, putting names to voices, connecting writers to scripts, and giving fans one site where they could look to find answers to their questions.

    Asian Cinema

    It's more than just anime. CrystalAcids includes animated and live action asian cinema. On this site, you can find Chinese films, Japanese films, Korean films, and even bad Korean animation you wouldn't spend a dollar on.


    Anime, asian films, hentai, manga, video games, h-games, CDs, idol gravure videos, we review it all. Any region DVD, it could be from Japan, Germany, Australia, we don't discriminate; we review VHS, too. Don't be fooled by all the cute pandas; our reviews are brutally honest.

    CrystalAcids is not an English dub site, and we won't don't give English dubs any preferential treatment. We are not influenced by popular opinion. If we watch the new, amazingly-popular anime series and find it to be boring as hell, we'll say so. The reviews on CrystalAcids are somewhat lengthy because we watch the DVDs, we read the manga, and we don't just reiterate what's on the back cover. We give titles a full and fair review. We sit through pure shite so you don't have to.

    Voice Actor and Production Staff Database

    The CrystalAcids database contains information about anime released on DVD and/or VHS in America. The staff, production companies, dubbing studios, cast, translation companies, and more are listed in the release information. We're also adding in sound clips so users can listen to an actor's portrayal of a character.


    Anime and asian cinema news, press releases, and cast updates are all featured in our News section. We also have Tacos, where we post silly news, weird videos, and kinky pictures.


    In the forums, visitors can find other intelligent, like-minded people to have a discourse with. Be friendly, be social, be honest. If you don't like an English dub, that's okay! If you discover a problem with a DVD release, tell us! If your hot girlfriend cosplays as a Bondage Faerie, share the photos! *~_^*

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  • Can you get me a job as a voice actor?

    No, we can't. CrystalAcids is not a dubbing studio. We have no clout with the dubbing studios. We have no relationship with the dubbing studios. We couldn't help you get a job as a janitor there much less a job as a voice actor. Sorry.

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  • Can you get me in contact with this studio or voice actor?

    No, we can't. Any information we have about how to contact a studio or actor is already readily available in the database. We don't have any special addresses or phone numbers that we don't share with the public. Get the information provided online and contact them yourself.

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  • Can you send me an autographed photo? A DVD? A promo item?

    We don't have autographed photos. We can't get autographed photos. We buy a lot of the DVDs we have ourselves, and we don't have any extra to send out. We rarely get cool promo items. We don't have stuff to send out. We're not that lucky.

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  • What setup is used for watching and reviewing DVDs?

    We watch our DVDs using the same TVs and players that you use to watch DVDs. We don't have a $5,000 plasma screen with an HD DVD player. We can't afford the newest technologies, and we don't care. We have a decent LCD TV (actually, it's a Westinghouse, so it kinda sucks). Our DVD player is a Toshiba SD-3900 (which can be region-free hacked using the remote, though it's not 100%) and was probably purchased in 2003.

    What does this mean for artifacting?

    Every DVD player uses a different decoder for reading DVDs. This means that artifacting will show on some players and not on others. Artifacting isn't necessarily a product of the encoding on the DVD; it could just be the way the player reads it. Keep this in mind when people complain about artifacting on a DVD.

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  • How is CrystalAcids different from sites like ANN and IMDb?

    Sites like ANN and IMDb collect information from all over the internet. Some of the info was directly researched by the person entering it into the database, but usually people enter in info they found on another website. Some information may be taken directly from a title's credits, but the credits aren't alway correct. Due to a lack of double checking and thorough research, many mistakes slip through the cracks.

    CrystalAcids is a resource of thoroughly-researched information. At the time CrystalAcids was created, there were no other sites documenting voice actor and production staff information for anime titles. This site was created to fill that void. When this site was started, it wouldn't have been possible to collect the information from elsewhere on the web, because no other sites had the information. We never have and never will use hearsay from other sites.

    The owners and contributors of CrystalAcids go through credits, correct errors, and even watch the titles, identifying actors by voice. Many hours are spent putting this information together (think about it, one 24-episode series automatically takes over 12 hours just for complete casting information!), a testament to our dedication. Research is checked and double checked to ensure accuracy. CrystalAcids does not collect secondhand information found elsewhere on the internet.

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  • Can I contribute to the CrystalAcids database?

    You sure can! Just visit the Submit Info page.

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  • Can I link to CrystalAcids?

    Of course! We have plenty of banners and buttons you can use on our Links page. Just upload one to your server and link to http://www.crystalacids.com/.

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  • What's with all the @#%!ing pandas?

    Aren't they cute?? *^_^* They were designed specifically for CrystalAcids and may not be used elsewhere.

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  • What if I have a question that wasn't answered here?

    You may ask your question in the forums, where the owners of the site and other members and contributors can answer. You may also email the owners directly from the Contact Us page.

    For information on copyrights and terms of use, please see our Copyright Policy and Terms of Use. For information on how we protect your privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.

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