Sailor Moon S (Season 3) (TV)

Original Title: Bishôjo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Episodes: 90 - 127

Dub Release: 12 June 2000

Sub Release: 6 February 2001

Released on DVD (6), VHS (36)

ADR Production: Optimum Productions

Release Studio: Toei Animation

Union Status: Union

The first two dubbed seasons of Sailor Moon TV from DiC removed 7 episodes from the original series. The Sailor Moon S TV count is based on the true Japanese episode numbering of the series since no further episodes were removed. To figure out the episode number by the "dubbed count", simply subtract 7 from the entry number. Example: Episode 90 (true count) is Episode 83 (dubbed count).
Episodic Cast Guide: 90 - 115 | 116 - 127


Main Cast

  • Unidentified:
    • Mimet


Media Production