Sailor Moon SuperS (Season 4) (TV)

Original Title: Bishôjo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS

Episodes: 128 - 166

Dub Release: 26 September 2000

Sub Release: 29 January 2002

Released on DVD (7), VHS (23)

ADR Production: Optimum Productions

Release Studio: Toei Animation

Union Status: Union

The first two dubbed seasons of Sailor Moon TV from DiC removed 7 episodes from the original series. The Sailor Moon SuperS TV count is based on the true Japanese episode numbering of the series since no further episodes were removed. To figure out the episode number by the "dubbed count", simply subtract 7 from the entry number. Example: Episode 90 (true count) is Episode 83 (dubbed count).
Episodic Cast Guide: 128 - 153 | 154 - 166


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