Kris Rundle


  • Dragon Ball GT (TV): Kiru's Partner; Female Villager (Ocean / Toei)
  • Dragon Ball (TV): Ranfan; Launch; Newscaster; Second Village Leader; Julie's Mom; Villager 3; Child; Queen; Female Villager; Survivor 2; Highfalutin Woman; Mermaid; Mother; Airport Worker 1; Chency's Mother; Cutie Orange (Ocean / Toei)
  • Gregory Horror Show (VG): Neko-Zombie; Narration (Ocean / Capcom)
  • Di Gi Charat Nyo! (TV): Françoise Usada Sound clips available ; Chunky Jam Boy; Jennifer; Female Student 2; Vegetation Vendor; Student 1 Sound clips available ; Female Student 3; TV Actress; Woman Given Tissues; Customer 1; Masao's Mother; Flight Attendant; Customer 1; Book Narration; Chinese Restaurant Girl; Study Tape Voice; Girl Sound clips available ; Closing Narration; Flower Store Worker; Human Servant; Girl 1; Ponzu; Onlooker 1 (Ocean / Bandai)
  • My-乙HiME (My OTOME) (TV): Nina Wang Sound clips available ; Aswald Woman 1; Luo's Mother; Showering Student; Sings 'Shine Your Power Around Me' for Nina (Ocean / Bandai)
  • Tide-Line Blue (TV): Ms. Chenrezig (Ocean / Bandai)
  • Pretty Cure (TV): Prince Porun; Pandora; Mrs. Blackstone; Ow Wee (Mepple's Nurse); Mepple Subordinate with Pacifier; Old Woman; News Reporter; Businesswoman 1; Blonde Student; Young Grandmother Whitehouse 2; Woman 2; Announcement; Older Nurse; Aidan; Student; Kind Opposing Player; Spectator 4; Store Greeter; (Additional Voices); Sings 'That's Right! I'm in Love with You Boy!' for Recorded Version Singer; Sings 'That's Right! I'm in Love with You Boy!' for Verone School Choir (Ocean / Toei)
  • Viper's Creed (TV): Insp. Telesia Strauss; Female Newscaster with Glasses; Boy 3; Local 3; (Additional Voices) (Ocean / Sony)