Jonathan Love



  • Jubei-Chan (TV): Bantaro Sanbonmatsu Sound clips available ; Shiro's Classmate; Tenchi Muyonosuke Sound clips available ; Hajime's Subordinate; Warrior 3 Sound clips available ; Daigo Ryujoji; Kendo Club Member 2; (Additional Voices); Sings 'Love, Love, Love...' for Bantaro (Ocean / Bandai)
  • Banner of the Stars (TV): Adm. Prince Bebaus Alon Nerem Nereis; Chief of Staff Prince Bebaus Alon Nerem Nefee; Beikal's Subordinate; Dusanyu's Subordinate 4; Kotoponi's Subordinate 3; (Additional Voices) (Ocean / Bandai)
  • Dragon Ball GT (TV): Doru Taki; Dr. Gero Sound clips available ; Sugoro Sound clips available ; Head Doctor; Shu Sound clips available ; Red Beret Terrorist; Rien Shenron; Gogeta Sound clips available ; Mudley; Pitaru Response; Minion; Newscaster; Suitor #2; Lease Seizure Leader; Man in Restaurant 1; Game Announcer (Ocean / Toei)
  • Banner of the Stars II (TV): Basroil Crewman 1; Gabort's Subordinate 2; Adm. Prince Bebaus Alon Nerem Nereis; Chief of Staff Prince Bebaus Alon Nerem Nefee; Ryuumubilge Tech; Skipper; Theft Victim; Docking Announcement; Meideen 3; (Additional Voices) (Ocean / Bandai)
  • Dragon Ball (TV): Giran; Staff Officer Black; Gohan; Shu; Ned; Eyepatch; Paol; Gringo; General; Villager 5; Robot; Chao; Fred's Partner; Would-Be Warrior 2; Barker; Masked Fighter; Crane; Tiger; Bearded Man; Hotel Man; Villager 2; Sparring Opponent 1; Demon 1; Villager 1; Soldier; Pupil 4; Seaman 1; Operator 1; Soldier 5; Pupil 6; Jim; Concessions Vendor; Reporter 1; Male Villager; Subordinate Cop; Apparel Shop Proprietor; Blue Subordinate 5; Fighter with Mohawk; Spectator; Civilian 5; Transport Turtle; (Ocean / Toei)
  • Gregory Horror Show (VG): Death (Ocean / Capcom)
  • Pretty Cure (TV): Ilkubo; Tall Zakenna Butler; The Elder; Weatherman; Mr. Whitehouse; Scold; Macaw; Queen's Messenger; Mr. Blackstone's Co-Worker; Newscaster; Emergency Announcement; Mr. Truman; Announcement; Safety Specialist; Businessman 2; Catering Director; Businessman; Fool 1; Great-Grandfather Whitehouse; Newscaster; Hamilton's Friend; Boatman; Motorist; Museum Worker; (Additional Voices) (Ocean / Toei)
  • Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 (VG): Paptimus Scirocco (Ocean / Bandai-Namco)
  • Deltora Quest (TV): Steven; Grey Guard 2; Nevets; Grey Guard 5; Grey Guard 1; James; Gnome 3; Resistance Member; (Additional Voices); Sings 'Olio' for Steven (Ocean / )

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