Pokemon cast replaced

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Last December, word came that 4Kids was losing the rights to Pokemon, and that license owner Pokemon USA would be handling the dubbing of the new episodes themselves. While castmembers initially believed they would be continuing their roles, both Eric Stuart and Veronica Taylor have now gone out saying that they’ve been replaced, and that the upcoming 10th aniversary special will feature an all new cast.


  1. i think this will be the smokeing gun to kill the pokemon empire kids all around the country have grone up hearing the voices that veronica and eric have played when they turn on the 10th aniversary and they dont reconize ash or brock there going to in my opinen give up the show. on the other hand nothing will happen. its not like DBZ when they changed voices early in the cartoon network run but that was just getting started on its run pokemon has been on for ten years. well we will see what will happen this year sink or swim. thats just my openen i could be wrong.

    • ace_34472
    • March 27, 2006 | Link
  2. This has got to be a sad joke. My son has grown up watching Pokemon and Eric and Veronica’s voices are an important part of the show. You can’t change the voices of much loved characters this late in the series. Ash, Brock, and James wouldn’t be who they were without the wonderful talent behind them.

    • sasami
    • April 29, 2006 | Link
  3. He he he he. Perhaps its time Pokemon USA were given the scenario of wht is going to happen if they refuse to take back the vocal artists many know and love

    • Captain Ussop
    • May 3, 2006 | Link
  4. With me it is not so much that they are getting rid of the entire cast it is the fact that the new voice actors are really RELLY BAD.

    I have been watching the show since it was on UPN

    When I herd The new voice actors during the 10th aniversary special I got dizzy and I pucked and I had to change the channel they sounded so bad that I could not even finish the special

    I think if they change voice actors they should at least make them sound older and then it would even be easy to tell kids ash just got older

    • Tech Nerd
    • June 17, 2006 | Link
  5. and by older I do not mean making may sound like a supermodel rockstar whatever

    • Tech Nerd
    • June 17, 2006 | Link
  6. The old Voicecast has been very bitter, and immature on the whole matter, slinging mud and insults at PUSA and the new voice cast, whom are actually all very talented actors. The special that aired in April was dubbed in just three weeks, the voices had trouble because the actors had no time to practice and work on developing into thier characters. They have come out and said that they have been working very hard improving thier voices for season 9 of the anime. And production just recently started, season 9 will air this September on Cartoon Network, and I for one am looking foward to a dub without 4Kids butchuring it.

    • Jazzu
    • June 19, 2006 | Link
  7. Let’s move on…

    I always welcome new voice actors.

    Still they are good doing voices in Samurai Deeper Kyo…

    • Dean
    • August 28, 2006 | Link
  8. Theay better put back the old vocies or else most 100000000/100000000 are going to hare and rundon and torture the new actors. I WANT THE OLD ACTORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kaya
    • September 16, 2006 | Link
  9. This makes me so sad.

    • Mark
    • September 30, 2006 | Link
  10. The new character who plays Ash doesn’t even make her voice sound mascular instead Ash sounds like a Alto singing Girl. If ratings drop they’ll go back to Veronica Taylor and Eric Stuart. Unlike James from Team Rocket who was changed from Ted Lewis to Eric Stuart Ash and Brock voices aren’t even a sound alike.

    • Marcus
    • October 2, 2006 | Link
  11. Then again ^^^ If these characters were voiced from the start and was replaced by Veronica Taylor and Eric Stuart than we’d still be complaining.

    • Marcus
    • October 2, 2006 | Link
  12. How dare they!!!!!!I have loved the voicies since i was little.AND MAY’S VOCIE WHAT IS SHE 30, IS ASH A GIRL????????????????IS BROCK COMPLETLY STUPID?WHAT HAPPENED TO MY MEWOTH?????????????????Everyone is writting letters and is emailing but POKEMON USA will just delete thm and throw them away!!!!! And my 4 year old cousin has found his love 4 Pokemon, and whn he heard the new vocies he lost it!!!!!!!!!!(anyone else in for sueing????SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • Chelsea
    • October 10, 2006 | Link
  13. It’s not that i dont think the new voicie actors are bad i just think their horoible4 these chareactors(sorry i spell bad when im angery.)

    • Chelsea
    • October 10, 2006 | Link
  14. I totally agree pokemon and its characters have pulled me through many hard times you wouldn’t belive the crazy shit I’ve been through! If they take away the only REAL comfort and support I’ve ever had things could turn ugly. Pokemon has been an insperation to me in many ways and has taught me a great deal about many things. My biggest insperations come from the characters and without the voice it’s not the same. If we fans pull together and keep sending mail (it would take awhile) but if were lucky maybe we can bring veronica,eric,and all the others back! I’m using my cousins computer so I can’t do much, but you guys could E-mail the original voice actors and tell them not to give up! I know, how much cheesy-er can I get right? But hey, it just might work!

    • a crazed rehaber
    • October 14, 2006 | Link
  15. they replaced the reely good voices with crappy 1s its redikulus!!!!!!!!!! like mays and nurse joy and the hottie james from team rocket!!!

    • me
    • October 15, 2006 | Link
  16. I for one don’t dislike the voice actors at all, but just like you all I dislike them for these parts. I’ve grown up with Pokemon; I’ve loved it ever since I was little and have never grown out of it, unlike almost everything else in my life. It’s amazing how much the shows and the movies really mean to me; I actually cry a lot during movies and some shows. Pathetic, I know. But anyway, kudos to you new voice actors, I have nothing against you personally, but I would love for the old voice actors to come back simply because I’ve grown up knowing the same voices again and again. No one sounds the same; although I will say that Ash sounds different, he sounds almost as if he’s gone through puberty, and not had his actual voice changed, but I still would love to have Veronica Taylor back, as well as everyone else back. It makes me almost nostalgic; it’s as if an era has ended. I hope they come back, but don’t be mad at the new voice actors everyone, because it isn’t their fault. Maybe if everyone didn’t watch for awhile, ratings would seriously drop and they’d bring them back…
    Who knows?

    • FG
    • October 15, 2006 | Link
  17. i was switching through the channels and Pokemon was on i heard the new voices again :( .and they still suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(really suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    • Chelsea
    • October 22, 2006 | Link

    • ASH
    • October 27, 2006 | Link
  19. for you people who just cant wait for 4kids not killing the pokemon Dub. They havent butchered it yet so y would they do it now??? Pokemon USA is killing the Dub. GET POKEMON USA!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chelsea
    • October 27, 2006 | Link
  20. oh yeah if these were the oringinal voices i wouldnt be here rite now!!!

    • Chelsea
    • October 27, 2006 | Link
  21. Hey i dont usually watch pokemon anymore but i just saw a video of it and it had meh thinking r they making new episodes??? its been on for soooo long lol just asking someone plz answer mi question and if u know tell meh wen there suppose to be airing if there making new episodes!!! :)

  22. normally i would tell u but id rather not ud rather not hear whats happened ull regret your childhood!!!!!!!!!!:(

    • Chelsea
    • November 15, 2006 | Link
  23. oh and dont you read the things before you post every1 is trying to get rid of new voice actors and get the old 1s back u could at least say something about them changing the voice actors. like the main charator being changed to a gir.(4 the voice at least)

    • Chelsea
    • November 17, 2006 | Link
  24. am i the only one who cares anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chelsea
    • November 25, 2006 | Link
  25. Hey again everyone. Regarding my earlier comment, I’m starting to dislike these voices less and less. I’m a religious pokemon fan (and yes my friends think I’m retarded hahahaha); there are parties every weekend and while I can’t resist a party EVER I make my mother tape pokemon if its on. I watch the new episodes every weeknight except friday (for its not on then), and I watch it basically as much as I can. And I keep getting sadder and sadder as I go along. Pokemon’s my little escape world; it’s where I can go whenever I can’t do anything else. I just love it. And while I do feel a little sorry for these voice actors and how everyone hates them…I don’t care anymore. I’ve grown up with Pokemon since I was four years old, when it first came out, and since then I’ve grown up knowing the same voices and characters. Even the newer characters like May and Max, I got used to them speaking the way they did. And now everything’s different. It makes me wanna cry, and I wish they’d bring back the old voices.
    Please, someone, bring them back. I and the rest of America miss them like crazy!

    • FG
    • December 6, 2006 | Link
  26. ure not the only 1!!!!!!!!!! and my friends and i dont hate them we just want the to GET THEIR OWN LED ROLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Chelsea
    • December 11, 2006 | Link
  27. What website can we mail to try to get original people back? It really isn’t the same.

    • yo
    • December 19, 2006 | Link
  28. it’s totally destroyed imho. and i agree, we do miss them like crazy…………..!!!!!! aaargh

    • Bob Ray
    • December 22, 2006 | Link
  29. i have given up on Pokemon. i loved the show but when I watch it with the new VA’s it doesn’t compare. I was open minded going into it but they were just really awful to what I was use to hearing.

    I wish they’d bring Eric, Veronica, and the gang back.

    A lot of my friends who watched the show for a long time agreed and we just stopped watching.

    • Britannica
    • December 23, 2006 | Link
  30. i heard the new voices… Sarah Natochenny does the voice of Ash. goodness, its sooooo horrible. i hope ratings go down so Pokemon USA will realize that they made a wrong decision replacing the original voices. The voice of Ash, Brokc, James, May…they all suck so baaaad!!!

    • Ellie
    • January 3, 2007 | Link

  32. Im absolutly Discussted with the new voices: Reasons –

    James sounds gay (litterally)
    Jesse is scary
    Nurse Joy has lost her niceness
    Ash is over masculine you can tell the actor is a women
    May (this is just wrong she goes from a 9 yr old voice to like 30 then back)
    Max too croaky and sounds older then he really is
    Brock – Just too deep, Eric had his voice perfect like it had fully developed.
    And Meowth its messed they lost the fun joking voice and replaced with a too evil 1.

    I hope that everyone realises these new voice and 4kids gets Eric and veronica back.
    this is just disgracefull

    • Jessem
    • January 17, 2007 | Link
  33. I found a fansite that had some revealing information


    It turns out that the old voices were very uprofessional in regards to losing the roles, and have been vying to see the show cancelled. And what’s more, they apparently could have kept their roles, but actually chose not to.

    As far as the new voices go, they have been doing a pretty good job. I remember during the very first episodes of pokemon, how awful the old voices sounded. They all grew into the roles over time, and I think these new voices have the same potential, if not more. (Cause truth be told, some of the old voices were pretty lame.)

    • Wallace
    • January 26, 2007 | Link
  34. OMG! i just saw the previews for the new pkmon pearl and diamond and i have to say that the new pokemon look stupid. i think that they’re running out of ideas and as time goes by the new pokemon start to look dumber and dumber. Even the names sound lousy. Its always the same plot except their are just different theifs. Like Team Rocket for example, they turned into team magma and team aqua, which was extremely stupid (shouldve stayed with team rocket) and jesse and james have the most dumbest scenes in the episodes on cartoon network. it seems like they just stick their scenes in for the heck of it. Also, getting rid of misty was one of pokemons most retarted decisions. Misty was one of the best characters and she was replaced by may who has an annoying brother max. Pokemon Chronicles are so dumb, its so unentertaining and they only target for 5 year olds. They dont target the older audiences anymore. I say that pokemon should go back to the original story line WITH MISTY, TEAM ROCKET AND JUST THE KANTO REGION!!!

    • Evan
    • January 29, 2007 | Link
  35. Having the clip on bulbapedia of the new cast was terrible. I know the original dubbing was bad, but the original cast made it enjoyable. I really hope Sarah and the rest realize the big mistake.

  36. I too, am upset. how DARE they! I grew up with the anime but now I am disgusted if I even so much as watch the commercials for it.I was highly anticipating the new season but then they drop this load of crap on me! I mean COME ON!!!!!! James sounds like a fruitbag, and you can clearly tell that ash is played by a woman! although I have been mad ever since they replaced Misty with May and Max. I mean really.

    • Alex
    • February 27, 2007 | Link

    • Alex
    • February 27, 2007 | Link
  38. Omg! I hate them so much. What a bunch of losers. On cartoon network, I have seen the new one and im like what the f*** is that? Why the heck do they change the voices? Ash sound soo retarted………You know what threw me off the edge most? What threw me off the edge is that they took away one of the most important charactars from the starting of the show MISTY! WHy? Its still the same [erspm wjp did her voice? Is it because America is sooo paronoid over misty and ash having a crush on each other and they are scared little kids want to see them? Sometimes we have a paronoid little America

    • Lisa
    • February 28, 2007 | Link
  39. ive watched and been a fan of pokemon since it started on the indigo league and what they have done replacing the voice actors is sad i like alot of other people want the old voice actors back but it does seem very inlikely that that will happen and if people think battle frontier sounds back what will the movie sound like (pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea) they might bring te original back for the sinnoh league.

    • andy
    • March 4, 2007 | Link
  40. ive watched and been a fan of pokemon since it started on the indigo league and what they have done replacing the voice actors is sad i like alot of other people want the old voice actors back but it does seem very inlikely that that will happen and if people think battle frontier sounds bad what will the movie sound like (pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea) they might bring the original cast back for the sinnoh league.

    • andy
    • March 4, 2007 | Link
  41. The Pokemon voice actors were replaced because Pokemon USA took over the recording job for 4-Kids Entertainment. The truth is that all of the original voice actors were “union” voice actors. Pokemon USA wanted “non-union” voice actors so they could pay less money.

    Yeah, it’s sad and disapointing, but trust me. Once you start listening to the newer voice actors, you start to get used to them.
    Oh, one more thing. Ash is a ladies man. *laughs* He’ll have a new girl this next season starting in April.

    Oh. I forgot to mention. The older Voice Actors WILL NOT be coming back. No matter how much you complain. They had signed a contract saying that they cannot use the voices that they did for pokemon. Sorry that A LOT of you are upset by this matter, threaten to stop watching, or whatever, but… don’t take it out on the newer VA’s. It’s not their fault for Pokemon USA switching, and they are trying their best to try and close the gap between the voice gaps.

    • Cherushii
    • March 9, 2007 | Link
  42. i think thats dumb to change the voices too. They try to sound like them but they dont even do. They should get back the original people to do it. I’ve grown up watching them with their regular voices and now there all different. I atleast hope when its the 11th anniversary they get back the old voices. This isnt going to work out. I now change the channel when the comes on because i dont want to watch it without the real voices.

    • Lana
    • March 22, 2007 | Link
  43. pokemon was my favourite show 4 many reasons. the most important reason was because of the voices. i grew up watchin pokemon and neva missed a single episode. i was so exicited for the 9th series 2 air but wen it did, i was not impressed. y change the voices. it doesnt sound as good as it used 2. the more i hear the voices, the more i get annoyed n the more i want the old voices back. i seriously dont like this change. i fink dat the new cast talk lyk robots. i dont h8 the cast or their voices. i just dont think that they are suitable 4 these characters. i have now stopped watching the new pokemon series, it jus doesnt seem the same. but i still watch pokemon from series 1-8. i just hope that they bring the old cast back. especially veronica. i luved ash’s voice and i especially want his voice back!!!!!!!!!!PLZ BRING BACK THE OLD CAST!!!!!!!!!!

    • emma
    • March 25, 2007 | Link
  44. This is really outragious. Droping the voice actors like that was very unprofesional. A huge percent of the viewers were the old and dedicated fans that were with Pokemon from the very start. And now beacuse of this we are going to lose most of them. Really I think the only hope for pokemon now is the viewers that are just catching on to the series like little kids and those who like the new actors. I belive that by replaceing the actors, It was like takeing pokemon, cutting it in half and throwing one half in the garbage. Pokemon is at a crossroads now, it can eather sink or swim. I loved pokemon I watched it from the Orange League on. I fell out after the Hoenn League because of school and the other I happend to turn on the television and come on pokemon: Battle Frontier. i was horrified at the voices I was hearing. It saddens me so much and I to am feeling that I am falling out with pokemon for the finale time and I HATE it with all my heart. I don’t think pomemon will ever be the same again.

    • jordan
    • March 29, 2007 | Link
  45. Wow. Let me start off by saying I watched pokemon from its inception. I did notice the voice changes early on, but like several have said – it was early enough to be ok. Plus, the new voices were still good. I slowly grew out of the show but did watch pretty faithfully through the Hoein league & every so often would watch an episode of season 8 if I caught it on TV (mind you this was me in COLLEGE).

    Truthfully I got tired of the show’s redundancy and lack of real progress (why don’t they age after 10 years of show!?), but the nostalgia kept me in touch.

    And then season 9 came, and anytime I try to watch an episode of Battle Frontier (like 10 minutes ago) I just can’t stand the voices. I just ticked each character off as the scenes progressed through the opening. Ash, May, Brock, Max. Oh dear, I just turned it back on. James, Meowth, Jesse. Absolutely horrifying. These voices do not fit.

    Bottom line, most anyone that’s watched the show since before season 7 will fade out of watching. Season 8 maybe. For those kids coming in on season 9, I think they will still enjoy the show.

    • Cliff
    • March 30, 2007 | Link
  46. Well, I agree with comments about the new voices for Pokemon Battle Frontier and everything. But, I’ve watched almost every episode of the 9th Series, and I’m used to the new voices and i quite like them. The only voice that hasn’t changed is Pikachu though. The worst Pokemon voices can I have heard have to be Torkoal, Corphish and Swellow. However, I love the new Sceptile and Blaziken voices (Even though Blaziken’s has hardly changed from the Ash’s final Johto League battle).

    And to comment about the characters not aging. Kids wouldn’t be able to recognise them as well if they did.

    However, with the new Sinnoh Region episodes coming over to Europe (Hopefully soon) I just hate how like 30 Pokemon from the first 3 generations are going to evolve (However, Magneton’s evolved form, Magnezone, is fairly cool to me). However, Eevee evolving into two more forms, that Over The Top. Eevee has 7 evolutions now, and thats not right in the head.

    But overall, I’m a huge Pokemon fan, and the voices aren’t the thing I want most from the episodes. I love epic battles (Ash vs Brandon in the Battle Frontier during both of his Rematches) and the Get-Rich-or-Die-Trying attitude of Team Rocket. They never give up is what I love. Besides, if the episodes don’t help Pokemon, their games will, besides Pokemon IS one of the most popular series of games in the world

    • Eoin
    • April 9, 2007 | Link
  47. the new voices kinda do ruin the show and they left the music they use know the shows totally different all the same i think the show is still great and the sinnoh league looks awesome. i meant they left the p music in and the voices are to different that they do ruin the show.

    • alan
    • April 12, 2007 | Link
  48. The new pokemon are HORRIBLE! They’ve lost that pokemon-ish feeling. it’s like the pokemon keep getting worse! I mean TURTWIG?! It’s an ugly turtle with a twig on its head not to mention what’s up with the name? I think team aqua and team magma are pathetic. Go back to the hilarious team rocket.. and also they should bring Misty back!! She’s my favorite character in pokemon and I only watch the old episodes now that she’s out. May’s young and a goody-goody with a super annoying bro. And if that wasn’t bad enough, now they’re replacing her with Hikari who’s even worse, pretty much the same as may except even uglier with triple the pouts. Also the new voices SUCK! So do the new writers. The trainers are abusive to their pokemon like Drew to his Absol and Ash to his Sceptile.. and the new voices.. let me say this fast I’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard because compared to that nails on a chalkboard would sound like angels singing.I think they should go back to the original plot. In kanto with Misty.. old writers and voice actors back.. Ash and Misty fighting again (they’ve seem to lost it now..) collecting badges and traveling.. Get rid of the new pokemon before pokemon co. ends up out of business!

    If anyone agrees with me send me an email:
    I can hook you up with a whole bunch of petitions (I found this great one a petitionspot with 68,000 signatures about getting Misty back.)


  49. sigh.. The new voice actor are very bad..
    for Ash: the sound are soooooooooo stiff.. it dont suit ash’s personality at all..
    for Brock: the sound is not pervert enough, it sounded too formal..

    • Pokemon Fans
    • April 21, 2007 | Link
  50. I, like many others, grew up with pokemon. Im 14 now and probably too old, but i always get a nostalgic feeling when i think about it and go right back. i’m still a huge fan, but these new voice actors have ruined the whole ‘when i was 5′ feeling for me. what happened to the voices i knew and loved? Ash sounds like a girl, meowth sounds all…you know, and brock sounds older. and what about James? He sounds like barney with an accent! i hate this, i always thought i could count on the voices of the show to bring me back. the new voices are horrible and this just plain sucks >

    • Laura S.
    • April 22, 2007 | Link
  51. I loved Ash and Brock when they were played by Eric and Veronica!! Meowth and James are messed too!! They want people to buy into this crap>-

  52. I’m going to cry every time I battle Brock now!! This Sucks I hope that Pokemon USA goes out of business>_

  53. Wait a minute you hope that Pokemon USA goes out of business. Well if you want I guess except you want have Pokemon games, trading cards and any of the other Pokemon merchandise.

    Also if Pokemon USA goes out of business due to Pokemon anime fans. They better watch out. Those Pokemon anime fans that wanted this might get cursed at and attacked if the games dissappear. There are more Pokemon gamers that HATE the cartoon more than like it. Good luck fending them off if Pokemon USA goes down the tubes due to the anime.

    • carol C
    • May 8, 2007 | Link
  54. I’m keeping it a secret with friends that I like pokemon because I’ve never seemed to grow out of it.
    I agree with all of you, they should have at least done a voice retirement special episode that everyoneknew about, not just all of a sudden. But the people who did the old voices were around for 18 years (I’ve counted) and even if they did come back it still won’t be the same. They are people too and everything eventually gets older, even pokemon has to move on.
    I bet the producers (whoever they are) will do anything to make the voices back to the way they were but 18 years is a long time for two people to do voices for a cartoon and don’t you think by 18 years your voice would go different? As much as I loved those voices it was time for them to leave and just face it. Stop sending your e-mails because as much as they want to they can’t get the two back!
    Anyway I heard on the official website that the new people are working on getting into character and they are listening to the old voices in detail and training with the same agent who taught the old voices to understand how to do the voice.
    Don’t diss the new cast, support their hard work and why don’t YOU try to do Ash, Brock, Max, Meowth and James’s voices. Hard isn’t it!
    Remember, things eventually move on and so do voices of Eric and Veronica

  55. I`m still young and i love pokemon! I have since it came out. Pokemon like originated anime basically[[not really]] and i grew to love the actors and everything. Now that the old voices are gone it just doesnt seem like pokemon anymore. Literally Ash sounds like he went through puberty. And i mean that in the most offending way possible. It makes me sad that the pokemon i once knew and loved is gone, i really wish the old actors would come back. As well for Misty, MAX AND MAY WILL NEVER REPLACE MISTY!

    • sharon
    • May 21, 2007 | Link
  56. I saw that now they’ve replaced may just as we got a bit used to her.
    Now it’s all about Dawn.
    I think there will be a big special where all the old characters will meet at a big place.

  57. Really, I never heard the old voices, well, I might and then gotten so used to the new ones I forgot. But James, the best and hottest on the show, sounds SO GAY! Jessie scares me, ash is just giving me nightmares lately, and Misty is only on Chronicals! Which has no James! it’s like pick one or the other! I hate that!

  58. I too love Pokemon. When I heard the new voices in Battle Frontier…I thought, “What the..” but now I’ve gotten used to the new voice cast. Sometimes I wonder, “Does James have a cold?” or “Why is Ash sounding all deep one second and then the next he sounds like a girl” But you have to give them credit, it’s not easy I bet doing all those voices for different characters, especially since we are giving them a hard time about how horrible they sound when all they are doing is trying their best. Our life is all about change, remember that.

    • Derek
    • July 16, 2007 | Link
  59. Yea changing the voices are not the same. Ever since they changed it I haven’t been watching it. I still like the old classic Pokemon games a episodes, but that’s how things happen in the USA. Remember everyone in the USA !it’s all about the money!. The US has more money then we can ever imagine. Problem is they don’t want to spend it on Anime and Cartoons. They only spend the money on the military, wars, and for them selves. If you want the voices back go to one of the game shows win a lot of money and try to buy the company and get the old actors back. That’s the only way you will here them on Pokemon. That’s all I have to say. I was a true Pokemon fan. I would still be if they didn’t mess the whole thing up.

  60. The actual reason for the change was that the previous actors were contractually-bound to 4Kids entertainment.

    If they had broken the contract and continued to work on Pokemon, 4Kids would have removed them from all roles they have on 4Kids shows, and blacklisted them from any future work at 4Kids.

    • Trend
    • August 6, 2007 | Link
  61. Sarah Natochenny puts all the dimensions of Ash’s personality into her voicing. Veronica Taylor was good, too. But Sarah Natochenny shows real promise as an actress, who I hope will go further in greater and greater parts in theatre, cartoons and movies. A really gifted talent! So I completely disagree with what Ellie wrote below:
    “Sarah Natochenny does the voice of Ash. goodness, its sooooo horrible. i hope ratings go down so Pokemon USA will realize that they made a wrong decision replacing the original voices.”

    • David
    • August 29, 2007 | Link
  62. I hate this change and sarah natochenny she makes ash sound boringand that ruined the main reason why we hate ash now i think her reason to vocie act is wrong even look she is 20 and worse she’ll make him sound like 13 going on to 60 and no ash is not 60 he is 13 or 14 but sarah is a wrong chocie to voice act why beacuse she has no experinsing in anime now look here is the thing. Sarah Should leave pokemon and leave

  63. Well…Veronica Taylor, Eric Stuart and Rachel lillis were all great as Ash, Brock and Misty. As much as the majority of us dislike it, we have no choice but to face it. Again, 4kids had to do something and screw up. So techincally, if they weren’t bound to 4kids no one would complain. But at least the new VAs are trying their best…though it’s not working for the former Pokemon anime fans…

    I always liked the games anyway. The anime was based off of the games, so they came first. As a budding Voice-actress who wishes to get into the business, I have to be honest…I put subtitles on and do the voice of Ash whenever I have the audacity to watch it nowadays. However, I do wish the new actors good luck and while we the older and more familar fans will have to cope with the new crop, the new generation will be utterly clueless, just as we had once been.

    So people, I just got one last thing to say; just suck it up. Move on to the video games. They haven’t screwed that up at least. And at least we’ll know they’ll never make bad digimon dubs, so at least we can be proud of that. I sure am.

    • yasmine
    • September 30, 2007 | Link
  64. Well we cant just make these coments for the rest of our lives: we’ve all established that we all feel the same way about this – now lets do something about it!!!!

  65. i recently have been watching pokemon on the internet and with the new voices the characters seemed to have changed completley. for one jessie sounds like a stuck up high school cheerleader and james voice is too deep. ash sounds like a girl and brock just sounds gay. what were they thinking when they changed the voices.

    • melissa
    • March 1, 2008 | Link
  66. NAtochenny leave we hate u
    and leave pokemon ur not a goood voice actress Griffith is better

    • Jared
    • May 8, 2008 | Link
  67. I haven’t managed to sit through more then 5 minutes of the new show, I watched a few Team Rocket clips from the new pokemon Ranger movie and thought it was horrible. Team Rocket was the main reason why I still enjoyed the show. I have been following the show and games since the were released where I live. 10 good years of an enjoyably simplistic show now gone.. I don’t hate the new VA’s for trying, they gave it there best shot, but the fact that 4kids and Pokemon USA screwed it up for us, the fans of their damn show. Its appauling, all that I have left of pokemon now is the old series and the games. I still prefer the original 150 pokemon to the new diamond and Pearl creations. Oh well I give up, all I can do is hope that the games stay alright. The anime is dead to me.

    • AJ
    • June 13, 2008 | Link
  68. I want the old voices back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would they change them, I’ve grew up on the old ones!

    • Sam
    • June 30, 2008 | Link
  69. Hey guys if anyone is interested in helping save pokemon from the rubish pusa is making it into, then email me im part of a growing community that is having alot of succes in getting the cast back onto pokemon..So far rachel Lillis and Maddie have been cast into pokemon again along with lots of 4kids voice actors!!!

    • Szlemm
    • August 27, 2008 | Link
  70. i miss the old voices soo much america is not the only ones who r missing the Aus 2

    • Bec
    • September 6, 2008 | Link
  71. Sorry guys, I’ll say it again.
    Pokemon will not be switching back to the old voice actors.
    I know this still upsets a lot of people, but as a former VA for pokemon, I would know.
    Trust me, I love the old voice actors with all my heart, but they will not be returning.
    The newest VAs are trying their best.
    But, I’ll have you know, it’s not easy to replace someone’s voice.
    especially since they’ve been doing it for the past 10 years.

    • Cherushii
    • February 3, 2009 | Link
  72. the new pokemon voice actors suck, what was the point in changin’ em. ruined the whole show man serious

    • robbie
    • February 8, 2009 | Link
  73. I still watch the old episodes of Pokemon before they changed the voice cast to re-live the glory days. Every night I cry myself to sleep, mourning the loss of my beloved voice cast and reminding myself that the old voice actors will never come back, ever! ;( I’m getting all emotional here, excuse me… *grabs a tissue*

    • onisuke
    • June 7, 2009 | Link
  74. The original voice cast of pokemon is what made pokemon. No one can Do a better ash Then Veronica Taylor. Any other example would be James Voice, no one can pull it off but Eric Stuart. The only voice that i would keep on the show would be Dawns voice. I miss Veronica Taylor as Ash and May, Rachael Lills as Misty and Jessic, Eric Stuart as Brock and James, and last Madeline Blaustein as meowth but he pass away.

    • Jen
    • June 29, 2009 | Link
  75. I fully and whole-heartedly agree that they should have NEVER, EVER replaced the character voice actors of pokemon. The shows’ old fans; including myself, are very displeased and concerned about this unforgivable deed. Though I appluad the new VAs’ efforst, they just aren’t cutting it. They aren’t god enough to replace the original ones. Pokemon USA, bring back our old cast! I’ve already signed a number of legal petitions that have over 300,000 signees each. Hopefully one day Pokemon USA will hear our plees and return in a new season with our old characters. The only reason Pokemon still has such high ratings is because of all the Under-Age fans that aren’t savvy with the original series and VA’s.

    • EraldoCoil
    • August 18, 2009 | Link
  76. Veronica, Eric, and some of the other voice actors from Pokemon went to Dinosaur King.

    The new Ash is a boy playing the voice. That could be why it sounds so different and not right.

    • Dom
    • September 19, 2009 | Link
  77. I only recently discovered the horrendous new voice cast for the pokemon dub. haha late i know.. but i’ve always despised pokemon pearl.. it just doesnt feel the same anymore.
    added with the awful voice casting….
    i felt really sad and insulted. they were taking away something precious. they just care for saving money… the old voices hold a special place in almost every pokemon dub fan… yes and i just watch old anime episodes with veronica taylor now. :(

    watching anime episodes with new casting just takes away the whole illusion where you can just immerse yourself into the pokemon world. all i think of now is ‘hang on.. this isnt right at all’. it sickens me.
    i really hope that pokemon usa break and burn.

    Call me childish or whatever. i dont care. most fans are hurt by this and they dont care. Its stupid to change voice actors this late into the show. Diamond and pearl is probably the last generation of pokemon anyway. why change for?!? they just want to cause controversy or something?

    again. screw you pusa. screw you.

    • pokemon forever
    • October 25, 2009 | Link
  78. i love !!!! the origanl voices of the characters. with out them it’s like the characters arn’t there anymore it’s like there different people. like ash’s voice you’ve heard that voice from the beging it’s what ash sounds like there is no other right voice for ash and that goes for the rest of them. it feels like when they changed the vocies they changed the characters to like the only thing left of that character is the way they look and even that has changed. dont get me wrong i don’t dislike the new actors it’s just that i don’t think they could ever have done a good job with this for the simple fact that they was not there from the beging. and i no i’m to old to be watching pokemon now since i’m now 16 but it’s a peace of my childhood and i just what it to go back to the way it was to the way i remember it.

    • Beca
    • March 10, 2010 | Link
  79. I dont watch much of new espoides of pokemon when they changed the voice cast!

    because I also did grew up with that Voice!

    I miss Veronica Taylor as Ash! I miss Eric Stuart as Brock and James! I miss Rachael Lillis as Jessie and Misty PLEASE I WANT THEM BACK SO BAD! THE NEW CAST OF POKEMON ARE RUBBISH! From Lily Turner!

    • Lily
    • May 20, 2010 | Link
  80. Wow just wow i cannot belive they would change there voices like that haha i know im all late about it but when i was a little girl i would watch pokemon from these old tapes and i just missed it so i decided to watch all pokemon episodes that ever came out and at fist i did notice the voce change but it did not matter to me becuse the second lady to play ash made it seem like tecnolagy got more advanced and so the voice sounds alittle diffrnt but better but then all of assudin i finished advanced battle and happy to reach the new season thing battle frounteer but then i jear a big diffrnce in everyones voice at first i just thought there was somthing really wrong with the sound or it was just a recording of someones televition so i switched the video and still every voice changed i just can belive this im so angry that theese people just did this ash sounds like a girl may sounds like a women brock does not sound like the old brock and so on and so fourth im sitting here tearing Up becuse of this becuse the voices ive known and loved for the longst time changed and its just not the same anny more i dont have that joyful feeling anymore when i go watch it.befor i used to get all exited when i woke because i could go watch pokemon but now im wishing ill never wake up if i woulda knowen about the voice change i woulda never gone through so many episodes a day so that ill still be on the much more exiting old episodes insted of the new Ones were it like if they were not singing but just reading the lyrics to a song out loud T-T

    • Loved
    • August 27, 2011 | Link
  81. After cleaning my room and finding all my pokemon movies, games, cards it reminded of the dreadful new cast :(
    I sometimes find myself watching old episodes.
    I miss the kanto region. :(

    • Billy
    • December 15, 2011 | Link
  82. Please bring back all of the best and original ‘Pokemon’ voice cast members to their respective characters in the new ‘Pokemon’ series and new ‘Pokemon’ movies, including Veronica Taylor as Ash, May, Delia and Diglett (voices), Eric Stuart as Brock, James, Butch, Aerodactyl, Charizard, Dexter (Ash’s Pokedex), Electrode, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Victreebell, Gastly, Hypno, Kadabra, Scyther, Squirtle, Voltorb and Wartortle (voices), Rachael Lillis as Misty, Jessie, Jigglypuff, Chansey, Charmander, Ditto, Gengar, Gloom, Goldeen, Haunter, Horsea, Jynx, Oddish, Pikachu, Venonat, Vileplume and Vulpix (voices), Amy Birnbaum as Max, Officer Jenny, Caterpie, Butterfree and Happy (Richie’s Butterfee) (voices), Nathan Price as Meowth, Professor Elm and Professor Westwood (voices), Stan Hart as Professor Oak and Koga, the Kanto gym leader (voices), Leah Applebaum as Erika, Suzy and Natalie (voices), Megan Hollingshead as Nurse Joy, Cassidy and Duplica (voices), Kayzie Rogers as Professor Ivy, Mikey, Arbok, Marill, Mr. Mime, Azumarill, Farfetch’d and Wobbuffet (voices), Michael Haigney as Psyduck, Snorlax, Geodude , Cloyster and Golduck (voices), Dan Green as Mewtwo, Lt. Surge, Treecko, Professor Birch, Growlithe, Arcanine, Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, Magikarp and Gyarados (voices), Emily Jenness as Dawn (voice), Michele Knotz as Piplup, Mudkip, Mime Jr., Wigglytuff, Igglybuff and Mudkip (voices) Satomi Kōrogi as Pichu and Togetic (voices), Jimmy Zoppi as Gary Oak, Snubble, Munchlax, Torkoal, Torterra, Palpitoad, Blaziken, Carnivine, Rattata, Raticate, Spearow, Muk, Grimer, Shellder, Jug-A-Smug/Rug-A-Smug (voices), and Tara Sands as Richie, Bugsy, Jasmine, Cissy, Marissa, Ralph, Maisy, Christopher and Krystal (voices). Also starring Sean Schemmel as Lucario, Professor Cozmo, Sawk, Chandelure and Lampent (voices), Dakota Fanning as Tiffany Johansson (Jug-A-Smug/Rug-A-Smug’s trainer) (voice) and Emily Hahn (best known for voicing 5-year-old Bonnie Anderson in ‘Toy Story 3’ and ‘Toy Story Toons’) as Kayla Johansson, Tiffany’s 6-year-old sister (voice). They should all come back for ‘Pokemon 5 the Movie’ and the new episodes of the new series as well too, because those voices are very important to me and everybody else.

  83. All I can say is we have all grown up with the same voices….. Geez its a really shame to trade them out. It should be a crime.

    • Reborn Fan Boy
    • August 8, 2012 | Link
  84. I am so sad right now. What the heck were they think. This is 2013 (just about) and pokemon isn’t very popular anymore. These new voices defintely ruined the show and help make pokemon less popular

    • Jayden
    • December 29, 2012 | Link

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