Bleach casting in progress

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According to what looks like legitimate posts ([1], [2]) by voice actors Skip Stellrecht and Steve Blum on the message boards, casting is in progress for Bleach in Los Angeles. Unlike Viz’s previous LA dubs, this will be non-union project.


  1. I wonder how many psudonym’s we’re going to be seeing here.

  2. Interesting post, but Narutofan doesn’t sound as reliable as it could be. It’s somewhat good to hear that some of the VAs we’re familiar with might be a part of the casting crew for the series though.

  3. haven’t heard anything from my agent about this one… will call today to confirm though

    • voxbox
    • May 18, 2006 | Link
  4. if you guys get information on this can you post about it?

    • Andrea
    • August 27, 2012 | Link

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