Sexy Sailor Soldiers

Nami Koishikawa was just a maid cafe waitress with an extra-curvy body until she met an injured woman in the restaurant’s back-alley. The stranger in a sailor soldier outfit hands Nami an odd pendant with an eyeball on top. Nami doesn’t know what to do with it, but her clumsy nature is going to make sure to change that. Accidently clicking the button, Nami transforms into a sexy sailor soldier. But with great power comes great responsibility, because every Sex Demon in the city can sense Nami’s heightened sex appeal. Based on the hentai manga series Nami SOS! by Chataro and animated by Moonrock comes Sexy Sailor Soldiers from Critical Mass Video.

DVD: Sexy Sailor Soldiers
Release Date: 6/27/2006
Release Studio: RightStuf / Critical Mass Video
ADR Production: Swirl Recording

MSRP: $19.99
Audio: English 2.0 DD, Japanese 2.0 DD
Subtitles: English, Signs-Only
Episodes: 1
Runtime: 30mins
Extras: Art Gallery, U.S. Trailer, English Dub Outtakes,Critical Mass Video Trailers

Notes: Review is based on a Screener copy of the final product.

Nami Koishikawa, like the rest of the maid cafe waitresses, has a curvy hourglass figure and an ultra-tiny maid uniform to wear at work. With two ample breasts to balance constantly, Nami is also more than a bit clumsy. Carrying a parfait to a customer, Nami accidently trips, leaving her popping out of her top and crashing those huge melons into her customers face. Of course, the customer isn’t complaining about the disaster. Nami’s new co-worker Chisato Yamane manages to catch the parfait, but not save Nami from the customer groping her huge tits. Safely in the changing room later, Nami thanks Chisato for the help and volunteers to take the trash out to the back alley. In the alley, Nami hears some noise and finds a woman injured on the ground. Nami goes to help her, but the woman simply hands an eyeball pendant to Nami to take charge of.

Riding on the train towards home, Nami is staring out the window when she feels some pervert rubbing his hands all over her ass and pussy. Nami struggles to get the man to stop rubbing her through her panties, accidently causing her to press the eyeball pendant in her hand. In an instant, Nami transforms from average woman to sexy sailor soldier. The men on the train stand stunned at the sudden cosplay outfit and then try to attack their new prize. Nami screams and bursts upwards into the air, breaking through the ceiling. Floating in the night sky, Nami manages to find her way home yet crashes through the window because she has no control. Her older brother Katsuo is jerking off when he hears the crash and catches a face full of Nami’s panties as she wraps her legs around him. Katsuo is not amused by this and leaves the possibly-incestuous scene.

Nami is heatbroken on what to do when she touches the pendant, which removes her soldier uniform. Having had a long day already, Nami decides to take a bath to relax. Of course, someone is at the door when Nami is the middle of her bath. She rushes to the door only to find her boss, Mr. Sasao, carrying a new uniform for her to try on. (Danger! Danger Nami Koishikawa! Sasao is either evil or a total pervert… wait, those could be considered the same, couldn’t they?) With an even more revealing uniform, Nami backs away slowly from Sasao’s enthusastic approach to grope her sexy frame. Out from Sasao’s back come two tentacles which restrain Nami’s arms and push her against the wall. As her tits pop out, Nami learns that Sasao is a Sex Demon and a Sex Demon’s favorite treat is the cum of young women. Nami’s pendant is called the Eye of Lust and it attracts Sex Demons from everywhere by increasing the user’s pheromone levels. With Nami considered a Hunter (sexy sailor soldier) and a virgin (do I need to explain this one?), forcing her to cum will be the greatest treat possible (cherry poppin’ rape).

Sexy Sailor Soldiers is unfortunately only one OVA episode while the manga has several volumes out. The title and front cover can also be a tad deceptive since three of the sailors on the cover do not appear until the very end of the episode. The female character designs also stand out well with every woman being quite stacked. The sailor soldier uniforms are ok, but I’d rather have seen Nami and company fight in the maid uniforms so pieces could be ripped off during the battle. Nami has a good tentacle rape scene that lasts for several minutes. Chisato also manages to be ensnared into the tentacle rape scene when she tries to save Nami as a sailor soldier and ends up being caught by several other Sex Demons. The Japanese cast is rather large, but only a few people are on-screen for more than a minute or two. Naoko Yamamoto (Nami Koishikawa) fits the dopey blonde role she was handed, but her noises while being “raped” could use some work. The English production by Swirl Recording continues their usual problems of cheesy performances and over/under acting depending on the character. Kelly Benz’s attempt to pitch her voice higher and softer for Nami just comes off as silly rather than the airhead they were probably going for. Julius Savages’s Sasao is just cheesy, overacting every time his character pops up.

Sexy Sailor Soldiers is a decent title, but isn’t strong enough to suggest buying without it being on sale. The character designs are fun, the tentacle rape scene is good, but with only one episode and one sex scene there isn’t enough to make it something to purchase anytime soon. Critical Mass Video has done a solid job with the video and the subtitles contain no errors. The DVD extras are a US trailer, a slideshow of screencaps, and some outtakes from the English dub. Sexy Sailor Soldiers has great possibilites as a series, but as a one-shot OVA it’s more of a letdown unless you have followed the original hentai manga. I would wait until it’s on sale before grabbing a copy.