Hikaru no Go cast

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With news breaking about Hikaru no Go being released by Viz Media in late September, CrystalAcids.com has been able to gather some details about its English cast:

HikaruSam Vincent
SaiBrad Swaile
AkiraScott Perrie
Toya MeijinPaul Dobson
YukiCathy Weseluck
KimihiroKeith Miller
KagaAndrew Toth
Ms. IchikawaKelly Sheridan
AkariChantal Strand
OgataMichael Adamthwaite

Directed by Rob Bakewell

Additionally, reports about Texas actor Vic Mignogna being in cast are apparently untrue, stemming from him stating at Anime North that he hoped to visit Vancouver at a later date and get a part in the show then.

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