More on the Transformers: Cybertron cast

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Optimus PrimeGarry Chalk
JetfireBrian Drummond
JoltBrian Drummond
OverhaulPaul Dobson
LandminePaul Dobson
HotshotKirby Morrow
ScattershotRichard Cox
Vector PrimeRichard Newman
Red AlertBrian Dobson
ClockerBrian Dobson
BreakdownMichael Dobson
OverideLisa Ann Beley

MegatronDavid Kaye
CrumplezoneMark Acheson
RansackLouis Chrillo
StarscreamMichael Dobson
ThundercrackerMark Oliver

LoriSarah Edmondson
CodySam Vincent
BudRyan Hirakida

Animated by popular anime studio Gonzo, Transformers: Cybertron premiers next Saturday at 7 pm on Cartoon Network’s Toonami.


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