IGPX cast announced

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At their panel at the recent San Diego Comic Con, Cartoon Network announced at the Haley Joel Osment will voice the lead character, Takeshi Jinno, in the new IGPX TV series. Other notable cast members include Michelle Rodriguez, Mark Hamill and Lance Henriksen.

Based upon the original IGPX shorts that aired on Cartoon Network in 2003, the series will premiere on Toonami, Saturday, November 5, at 10:30pm (ET/PT).


  1. Huh? I thought BZ said they where working on this. Things must have changed I guess.

    • Sol
    • July 17, 2005 | Link
  2. BZ! is working on the series. It has been previously mentioned that big name Hollywood actors would be taking a role in the new IGPX series.

    AICN interviews Production I.G.

    CN/Production IG produce new IGPX series

  3. one of the actors sound like the main charactor (spike) from cowboy bebop. but i cant name the charactor or the actor!

    • Kitsune
    • January 21, 2006 | Link
  4. That is Cunningham, voiced by Steven Jay Blum.

    • EmperorBrandon
    • January 22, 2006 | Link
  5. I think that Cunningham is Awesome! My brother is so ubsessed with the show! But, I’m not so its pointless to be here. I like the graficts and the characters but other than that I dont really like the theme.

    • Kagome Higrurashi
    • February 4, 2006 | Link