Magical DoReMi cast

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Forum member EmperorBrandon has provided us with a comprehensive cast list for 4Kids‘ Magical DoReMi, courtesy of voice director Tom Wayland:

For the preview episode (ep. 4):
DorieAmy Palant
ReanneRebecca Soler
Mirabelle – Annice Moriarty
PatinaLisa Ortiz
LaralieAndi Whaley

Other recurring characters for the series:
Caitlyn – Liza Jacqueline
Miss Cooper – Kate Roland
Miss Shannon – Kayzie Rogers
Simon – Sean Schemmel
Oliver – Tom Wayland
Stewart – Mike Sinterniklaas
Todd – Kayzie Rogers
Dorie’s Mom – Bella Hudson
Dorie’s Dad – Dan Green
Conya – Mollie Weaver

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  1. Well, being the fact that no one has said anythng yet, I guess i’ll have to start it off. I’ve seen it in japanese and in english, several times in fact. I don’t know or care wich version is better as long as I get to see it on saturdays. It would be nice if it was out on Toonami though. It’s easier to catch thngs late at night than early in the morning -_-. But that will probably happen later. It’ll maybe be put on KidsWB too. I’m hoping they’ll dub every epiode (or at least all eccept a few if they decide to toss some) because this show might have some potential for litle american girls. Like a new Sailor Moon or something. I mean, this show has had a LOT of seasons! It’s still going on in japan right? Well even if it isn’t, you get what I mean. They’re voices are so cute in english too. well, actually, just Dorrie and Mirabelle’s. I would like for them to ask the voice over for that blue-haired girl that I forgot the name of’s a little, her name was Aiko, doesn’t that mean love child…? O_O. Just make it less scratchy, you know. Like wha they did with Ash’s voice. It’s also nice to hear new voices too. I’ve been getting tired of hearing all the voices from pokemon over and over. I also like how they dealt with the transformations. The song is nice, and the sound effect for when they press the button er whatever isn’t that abnauctious (if I spelled that right) BONG!!! noise. Just a little popping noise. Like a bubble. It’s nice :). I like their spells too. It’s not just a bunch or random syllabls (if I spelled THAT right) buched together and then they say what they’re gonna do, it’s a series of little clever rhymes that have to do with the situation. I like that. I also like the first American opening far better than the first japanese one. It’s not that the japanese one is BAD, but… well, it’s very annoying. I just gotta say it. It’s really really annoying. The intro to it is really good though, with the trumpets and everything, but then when they start singing that jacked up melody that doesn’t even come close to what that song should’ve been, it’s really a let down. Even though it does manage to stick itself into your brain and won’t leave until you listen to something else. The american one is catchy though. I would’ve liked for it to have been a bit more actiony, but it still satisfes me. It’s something little american girl can relate to, and… actually sing along with. The acting is realy good too. They don’t overdo it. Eccept maybe the blue girl. But… ah well. It’s not like the japs aren’t known for overkill when it comes to thier acting styles as well… >_> Well, I can’t really think of anything else to say right now so, um… that’s all. ūüôā

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    • February 7, 2006 | Link

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