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Bandai Visual USA has opened up a new website for their recent Patlabor: The Movie DVD release. There you can get some background on the Patlabor world, a trailer featuring the new Elastic Media dub, and bonus goodies like wallpapers and DVD specs. The original release of Patlabor: The Movie was by Manga Entertainment using their London studio for the dub.

Wendee Lee: Voice Director & Script Adaptation
Dan Kanemitsu: Translation

Doug Erholtz: Asuma Shinohara
Julie Ann Taylor: Noa Izumi
Roger C. Smith: Keiichi Gotoh
Karen Thompson: Shinobu Nagumo
Lisa Enochs: Kanuka Clancy
Sam Regal: Isao Oota
Joey Lotsko: Mikiyasu Shinshi
C.J. Mills: Yamazaki

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