Robotech dubbing studio closing down

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Recording studio and post production facility Intersound Inc. has announced on their website that they’re shutting down and auctioning away their equipment on eBay. Starting up 27 years ago, Intersound was the leading American dubbing studio during the 80s, producing English language versions of numerous titles like Robotech for Harmony Gold, and Dogtanian for BRB International, and gave many of the current industry veterans their first break into voice acting. Thanks to Brent Long for this item.


  1. Is that the same Intersound that dubbed anime in spanish for ZIV International
    – including El Vengador (Kotetsu Jeeg), El Gladiador (Gaiking), El Galáctico (Starzinger/Spaceketeers), Super Magnetrón (Magne Robo Gakeen), Flower Angel (Hana no Ko Lun Lun), and Little Lulu, among many others – then it’s a big loss indeed.

    • Kiggy
    • July 15, 2006 | Link
  2. I’d assume they are. I recall reading about them doing something like that. It would be interesting to see who were the voice actors for those projects. I know David Povall does Spanish voicework..

    • Brent Long
    • July 16, 2006 | Link
  3. It’s a big loss indeed, and sad by it. How about Robotech (85 eps), Robotech the movie, Macross, Captain Harlock(65 eps),Dogtanian(48 eps) and so many other wonderful animated and live action series.
    I was there, I was one of the original recording engineers for all of those projects

    • Eduardo
    • July 27, 2006 | Link
  4. Haromny Gold is the parent company of Intersound, Inc. The dubbing facility that actually recorded the voices is Intersound, S.A. de C.V., The Mexico City based facility that is a division of Intersound, Inc. Intersound, Inc. more than likely did the localization editing and mix.

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