Pretty Maid Cafe DVD

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Deep in the heart of Akihabara wander an otaku and his depressed friend. In an attempt to cheer up his good friend over his failure to pass the judicial exam yet, Shirou Komura (Taketora Morita) takes Hideki Kawaguchi (Takatsuki Jun; Kamen Rider Ryuki) to a maid cafe called Maid in Japan. A gaijin in the land of anime fetishes, Hideki quickly learns what happens in a real Maid-themed cafe when the pair are greeted by a cute maid referring to them as “master.” While the scenery is nice inside, it’s the angelic face of Akihabara’s most popular maid, Misaki, that catches Hideki’s attention. It’s love-at-first-sight, but how is he going to get her attention? Asia Pulp Cinema brings the final volume in the Akihabara Trilogy with Pretty Maid Cafe. (more…)

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