Juliet Cesario Returns to Ah! My Goddess

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Additional casting information was posted on Anime on DVD by ADV producer Janice Williams in regard to new characters set to appear in the second volume of Ah! My Goddess TV, Season 2, dubbed by NYAV Post and released by ADV Films. New episodic characters, Shiho Sakakibara and Satoko Yamano, will be voiced by Bela Hudson and Stephanie Sheh, respectively. The third new character finally making her appearance in the animated version of this popular manga title is the seductive goddess Peorth, voiced by veteran voice actor Juliet Cesario.

Cesario was the English voice of Belldandy in the first animated incarnation of the franchise, the Oh My Goddess! OVA, dubbed by Coastal Carolina in 1996 for AnimEigo, and a longtime fan-favorite in the role. The NYAV Post dub of Ah! My Goddess TV is the third of the franchise, following Coastal’s efforts and then Animaze.. iNC.’s dub for the Pioneer release of the Ah! My Goddess the Movie in 2001. Cesario’s casting marks a link to the original production, as well as being the second Coastal voice actor to appear for NYAV Post, following Scott Simpson‘s role in their recent Cutie Honey Movie live action dub for Bandai. (Simpson was incidentally also the voice of Keiichi in the original Oh My Goddess! dub. For a further connection, NYAV Post owner Michael Sinterniklaas had his start in the business working in North Carolina in the mid-nineties for both Coastal and Southwynde studios.)

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