Dragonball (US live action) set pics

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HoyCinema has posted a few pictures taken by a fan while passing by the set for the new movie Dragonball. Justin Chatwin will play the role of Goku while the article mentions Emmy Rossum taking up the role of Bulma. While it’s too early to tell how it will turn out (you can guess my opinion), the fact that the writer/director is James Wong (famous for crap such as Final Destination, Jet Li’s The One, and Final Destination 3)… I think I’ll just see Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and Indiana Jones 4 a second time right now.

I bet you’re glad that the Evangelion movie is still stuck in pre-production funding hell right now, aren’t you?

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  1. when will the dragon ball movie will be coming out.

    • said
    • September 28, 2008 | Link

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