Maple Colors

Maple Colors from RightStuf’s Critical Mass Video label introduces us to a 2-episode OVA hentai based on a game from Crossnet. Yoshijiro Saku has transfered to a new Academy, but his fellow classroom 2-B peers are a colorful crowd, made of the rejects, weirdos, and losers of the school. Professor Sakamoto teaches the unruly students of 2-B and has just gained Yoshijiro as a new student when a new problem arises: spunky Mirai Aoi races out with a baseball bat to save a fellow student from some bullies. When Yoshijiro steps in to keep Mirai from hurting them, both students end up facing expulsion unless they can rally 2-B’s class into order to beat the theatrical club. 

DVD: Maple Colors
Release Date: 10/31/2006
Release Studio: RightStuf / Critical Mass Video
ADR Production: Swirl Recording

MSRP: $29.98
Audio: English 2.0 DD, Japanese 2.0 DD
Subtitles: English, Signs-Only
Episodes: 2
Runtime: 60mins
Extras: Art Gallery, English Outtakes

Notes: Review is based on a Screener copy of the final product.

We open episode one with the sadistic student Yukihito using the student body Vice President Yumeko to suck him off. Outside the building, Getaro Memekura is getting beat up by three school bullies. Mirai Aoi notices from 2-B’s classroom and rushes with a baseball bat to save the kid. As she bolts through the door and down the hallway, she blows pass Professor Sakamoto explaining the unique student body of classroom 2-B to her new student Yoshijiro Saku. The pair get knocked out of Mirai’s way and Yoshijiro catchs the professor by her breasts before she falls. Momiji Aio explains the situation and Yoshijiro chases after the hot-headed girl before she beats the bullies to death.

Mirai confronts the three bullies, but her baseball bat is caught in mid-swing by Yoshijiro as he steps into the fight. Seeing the small kid bleeding, he kicks one of the bullies down and grabs another. Yukihito and Yumeko watch as he pounds away at her body and imagines how he would enjoy making the spunky Mirai his sex toy. Finished with their fun, they step outside before Yoshijiro can beat up another one of the bullies. The matter is taken in front of the school board as Professor Sakamoto pleads for the board to not expel her classroom of students. Yukihito somewhat listens while imagining Mirai’s body and then steps in suggesting that they delay further action until a better punishment can be found.

Yoshijiro and Mirai properly introduce themselves to each other as they walk back to class, Mirai having found a respect for her new “Boss.” The “Transfer Student of Justice” is ready to take on whatever Yukihito and the board can come up with. Passing by a classroom, he notices a student getting screwed on a desk. Yoshijiro watches them finish before heading back to class. Down the hallway he can hear the class complaining already when the girl he watched earlier pops out from the stairwell. Mirin teases him about watching her and then easily convinces the new student to go into the restroom stall with her. He happily proves his talent to the pedigree pleasure girl and brings Mirin to do more perverse things like pee as he pounds away at her body.

Eventually heading back to the classroom, Yoshijiro gets confronted by the hostile 2-B students who have found out their punishment. The class is to put on a theatrical play against the academy’s theatre club. Naturally, slacker students don’t like the idea of having to do work and failure will result in the expulsion of everyone. Mirai defends Yoshijiro, but the class is going to be a hard sell. Mirai calls Yoshijiro up to the roof of the school and hands him a book containing a description of each student in class so he can figure out how to bring them around to doing the play.

Episode two follows Yoshijiro attempting to bring each student into the fold of putting on the play. Yoshijiro begins with the guys: play music with the rocker, play baseball with the jock, and beat the tough kid in a fight. Each adventure leaves him a little worse for wear. In comparison, the girls are easy as Yoshijiro works on seducing each one into having sex and agreeing to work on the play. Meanwhile, Mirin puts in a call to her good friend and the classroom’s only professional actress, Amu Uzuki, who is usually absent with work. With Amu onboard, the play is starting to move forward.

Maple Colors provides two decent-length sex scenes in each episode and very little else. The first three encounters are far better than the last one we are treated to. The story is a tad boring, overdone, and really hoping you played the game before watching this. The series is also left open-ended with nothing truly accomplished other than the class starting to come together and Mirai trusting Yoshijiro more and more. The Japanese cast is fitting for the title and sounds right with Mirai Aoi (Minami Hokuto) sounding especially good for the way she flies off the handle. The English dub by Swirl Recording, however, simply does not fit the characters at all with its cheesy performances and casting of voices that sound way too old for each character.

Maple Colors is a show for those who like to see girls in the school outfits having sex. Otherwise, this is probably better left off your list until it’s on sale for a good price. The story is nowhere near complete and probably will not be since the second DVD came out in Japan in March 2005. The animation from Milky is well done and has some good game-based character designs among the school girls. However, this cannot save it from being an incomplete story.