Square of the Moon: Phase 2

Following the cliffhanger ending based on the actions of Izumi Kagura, we were left wondering how all the loose ends would be tied up. In a park there is yet another school girl falling victim to a Light Hunter. Just as her clothes are torn off and the tentacles attack, Ryo rushes in and slays the monster with his sword. But… Ryo doesn’t understand what the beast was nor why he knew how to slay it. And the girl he just saved continues to please herself while still in the monster’s deep trance. The only ones who can help are watching from a distance, trying to keep from pulling Ryo back into their mess. From Anime 18 comes Square of the Moon: Phase 2 to explore the concluding adventure of the Astronomy Club versus the blue moon. 

DVD: Square of the Moon: Phase 2
Release Date: 7/12/2005
Release Studio: Central Park Media / Anime 18
ADR Production: TripWire Productions

MSRP: $29.99
Audio: English 2.0 DD, Japanese 2.0 DD
Subtitles: English, Signs-Only
Episodes: 2
Runtime: 60mins
Extras: Art Gallery, Square of the Moon Trailer, Anime Artform, Anime 18 Trailers

Notes: Review is based on a Screener copy of the final product.

The evil men of the Light plot to exploit a kotodama user, like Manami, in order to summon the “Queen of the Night” so that they may learn the secret of calling the True Moon. Izumi continues to battle against the Light Hunters on the ground as best she can, but Makoto can only provide so much backup against the growing number of monsters. Oblivious to their former lives, Ryo and Kyoka have been turned into a couple by Izumi’s memory-controlling powers. Ryo comes home in the rain only to find Kyoka faithfully waiting for his return outside the door. The two fall into bed together and satisfy each other’s needs. Afterward, the pair discuss Kyoka’s recurring nightmare about betraying a sister and being called a sinner. Ryo calms her fears, but secretly he knows that whatever has affected his own memories has also altered hers.

Souji re-kidnaps Manami with ease since her memories of the Astronomy Club have also been erased. Izumi quickly arrives and confronts her brother regarding his actions. They argue over the religious events of their past while our blue-haired temptress, Mizuki, watches from the bushes. Reporting what she saw to Sakaki leads to a confrontation between him and Souji over his past affiliation. Meanwhile, Kyoka and the others are starting to remember some of their now-sealed past. Kyoka’s vision drags her down into the nightmare of being raped at a festival. The memory almost consumes her when Ryo arrives to shatter the dream world. Elsewhere, Izumi is attempting a suicide run into the Light’s tower-complex, which is proving to be more than she can handle. As luck would have it, a certain gang of Astronomy Club members have reassembled to save their former leader and stop Souji’s plan.

The final episode begins with Mizuki wandering around in the street. Without her former master, she is completely lost in the world. Unfortunately for her, Souji’s plan to merge the Light world into the real world is working and the streets beging to fill with Light Hunter monsters. Seeing her as a chance to make themselves normal once again, they strip Mizuki of her clothes and gang tentacle-rape her by the hundreds as she screams in pain. Raped over and over again, Mizuki is trapped in their bondage.

The Kasha clean the building of monsters floor by floor and know that at least Izumi is safe with Ryo right now. A little dynamite and the room is cleared out easily. Izumi awakes downstairs with Ryo holding her. The fact that her friends came means a lot. Soon, everyone is gathered in the same spot with Souji ready to confront the entire Fire team. Souji and Izumi still disagree over their theological decisions and begin to battle blade to blade. The others try to interfere, yet ultimately fail to lay a decisive blow. Ultimately, only one person can stop Souji, and it is none of them. But when the final roadblock to stopping judgement day is removed, a new person is awaiting them at the top of the tower.

Square of the Moon carries some good production values and a healthy story packed into four neat episodes. The sex scenes in the storyline aren’t jarring nor are they inappropriate. There is easily a wider audience of fans of series like Clamp’s X who would love this title if they could live with a little nudity here and there. Of course, the one couple that everyone wants to see in bed does get together. Do not stress thinking you will miss out on Ryo and Izumi spending some tender time between the sheets. Both casts continue to be fairly strong with Mika Hazuki (Izumi) easily stealing the show. TripWire Productions’ delivery of a good dub in volume one carries over to volume two with the same mixture of accurancy, fun, and performance you could only hope for in a title like this.

Square of the Moon: Phase 2 is a strong title most people will probably overlook simply because it is considered hentai. With its strong storyline, heavy action, and occasional romp-in-the-sack, my only wish is that this series could be longer than just four episodes. Like the previous volume, Anime 18 has come up with a solid subtitle track and no video problems. And while the extras may be thin, the show’s content is where your focus should really be. Square of the Moon: Phase 2 is something that will please fans with a solid beginning, middle, and end to enjoy again and again.