Super Techno Arts licenses Shadow

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Super Techno Arts have announced the license of A.P.P.P.’s OVA Shadow with a release date of Summer 2005. A trailer can be found on’s website: Broadband | Dialup.

Press Release: Super Techno Arts – Shadow

New Release Information
Shadow DVD Volumes 1 and 2

Hyper Shinobi Animation “Shadow” Coming Summer 2005

Episode 1 Synopsis
It is the end of the Shogunate period in Japan, and the Shinobi (Ninja) are struggling to survive by working underground as contract assassins. One of these female Shinobi assassins is Karyu. To complete her deadly missions, she takes full advantage of her excellent fighting techniques as well as her radiant sex appeal.

One evening, Karyu sneaks into a house to assassinate a man and finds the target flirting with a maidservant. When she tries to erase him, her attack is thwarted by the maid, who turns out to be another contract assassin named Uzume. Before Karyu’s stunned eyes, Uzume carries out her own mission to execute the man!

Thus, the fierce battle between Karyu and Uzume begins!

Created by a well-known cast and staff of anime professionals, the Shadow OVAs were created using over 10,000 animation drawings, which is about double what the typical 30 minute drama consists of. This lavish cel count enables the viewer to see and enjoy the beautiful, fluid and super fast moves of these awesome Shinobi girls!

Death lurks in the shadows: Summer 2005.

Karyu: Rio Natsuki
Uzume: Mari Adachi
Kinoto: Sakura Tachibana
Kikka: Hiroka Nishizawa
Aoi/Saki: Mika Doi
Magoroku: Ritsuo Sawa

Executive Director: Yasuhito Kikuchi (Kurogane Communication, El Hazard : The Alternative World)
Director: Masashi Abe (Blue Gender, Da Capo)
Character Design/Animation Director: Shinya Takahashi (Sci-fi Harry, Photon)
Screenplay: Mitsuhiro Yamada (Suika)
Sound Director: Yasunori Honda (The Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)
Music Composed, Arranged, and Produced by: Marco d’Ambrosio (BMI)
Soundtrack Co-Produced by: Terri d’Ambrosio
Remixed and Mastered by: Mark Behm
Recorded and Mastered at MarcoCo. Studios
Created by: A.P.P.P
Production: Shadow Production Committee



  1. Hi. Well it seems the anime “Shadow” hasn`t been released on dvd. Could there be a reason for that.?

    *I am from Norway , so I am not good in English*

    • Hizumi
    • June 5, 2007 | Link
  2. Super Techno Arts (the US side of Japanese animation studio A.P.P.P.) completed their DVD release of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and then basically stopped all production. The status of Shadow, Robot Carnival and a third title I do not recall the name of are currently unknown.

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