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Filed under: Cast Lists,News — S. @ 3:29 pm has posted a preview of Toei Animation’s first three titles to be published in the US. The dubbing for Slam Dunk TV, Air Master TV, and Interlude OVA is being handled by Toronto based Kaleidoscope Entertainment (Power Stone, Knights of the Zodiac).

Voice Director for all three title is Dan Hennessey (’90s X-Men voice director). Adapting the scripts is playwright/animation scribe Mark Leiren-Young .

Quick Stats:
Executive Producer: Randy Zalken, Marshall Kesten
Producer: Paul McConvey, Rob Kirkpatrick
Translator: Tim Hamaguchi

Air Master cast
Maki Aikawa: Jennifer Goodhue
Renge Inui: Julie Lemieux
Mina Nakanotani: Nadine Rabinovitch
Michiru Kawamoto: Kim Kuhteubl
Yu Takigawa: Stacey Depass

Interlude cast
He: Marlow Gardner-Heslin
Aya: Terri Hawkes
Tama/Maiko: Stephanie Mills
Izumi: Stephanie Martin
Mutsuki: Bryn McAuley
Ikuo: Richard Clarkin
Sugiura: Rod Wilson
Haru: Catriona Murphy
Kim: Julie Lemieux
Kaoruko: Katie Griffin
Yuki: Deborah Drakeford

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