No More Case Closed on CN

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During a message board Q&A session, Adult Swim anime programming director Kim Manning stated that, due to inadequate ratings, they won’t be acquiring any more episodes of Case Closed. The show will however remain on their schedule, with reruns of the episodes they already have.

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  1. I think its unfair your not making new episodes of Case Closed.You really didnt give it a chance. I dont know anyone that wants to stay up or get up at 4:30 A.M. I hate waiting all night searching channels for something to watch ( Considering that most of the shows on adult swim are boring except Family Guy,Futurama, and Case Closed and everyone I know who watches Adult Swim agrees. Inuasha is sort of okay. ) and I cant record it because my parents say that it takes to much power to leave the tv on and record something if im not watching the tv. The only time I can watch it is in the Summer because I cant stay up or wake up at 4:30 A.M.on school nights and neither can my friends at the middle school. It also makes me mad that everybody (including me)I know has activities in the Summer.Like baseball, day camp, and traveling to different places and getting up early in the morning before places get packed( Witch I did all three) and that takes up most of the Summer. When school starts everybody talks about Family Guy and Futurama (and the very few episodes of Case Closed they saw between activities and parents making us go to bed early when school is near to get us kids ready to get up early for school) and as I’v noticed later as the school year goes on nobody talks about Case Closed because they cant stay up and wait for the show at 4:30 A.M.and that makes my friends and I mad. You may want to consider moving Case Closed into a better time slot. Thank you for reading my comments. Please feel free to share your thoughts,my email address is

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