Joshua Seth Comedy Hypnosis Show: 2/12 Santa Monica

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Joshua Seth’s comedy hypnosis show is coming to Santa Monica, CA on Feb. 12th.

Press Release: Joshua Seth

Live TV taping and theatrical special event:

“The Joshua Seth Comedy Hypnosis Show” is a fast paced, high energy production that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish… It’s like having a dozen comedians on stage at once!

Combining side-splittingly funny interactive-comedy with the mysteries of the human mind, Joshua’s comedy hypnosis show is unscripted and stars the audience, so every performance is unique. Don’t worry though; his material is never “blue.” Joshua treats his audiences with respect and makes sure never to embarrass anyone. It’s all good clean fun!

“The thing that makes this show so great is that it’s the volunteers from the audience who are being so incredibly funny. Everyone knows the people up on stage, so it’s truly shocking and amazing when they go into hypnosis and begin to act out hilarious comedy routines as directed by Master Hypnotist Joshua Seth. It’s like having a dozen comedians up on stage at once!”

Date: Saturday, Feb. 12
Time: 10:30pm
Location: Magicopolis —
1418 Fourth St., Santa Monica, CA
Tickets: $10.00 (at the door)
Advance Web-only Sale Price: $7.00

More details & web-ticket info:

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  1. BIG question sir will you do a show in Orlando? will u por favor?

    • Brittany
    • July 12, 2005 | Link