Chat with a Mew Mew castmember

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The Mew Mew Alliance has had a talk with an unnamed member of the Mew Mew Power cast about the dubbing process and the show itself.


  1. Hi I love mew mew power can i please chat with any cast member?

    • Auska
    • May 28, 2005 | Link
  2. Me too! Umm…….. I dont know…………….

  3. hi im new here but ya i like that show too!!!!!!!!!!!! yay go me

    • Roxxi
    • June 27, 2005 | Link
  4. i love Mew Mew Power!if i can talk 2 a cast member, then i would ask ‘how come u don’t show anymore episodes after episode 12?

  5. i love mew mew power. i never miss it. if i could be any one… i would be zoe or renay. can i please talk to a cast member. love the show

  6. Hi!!!!I am a really BIG mew mew fan if you dont know something about the mews just email me at and i will answer the question!=^^= Besides i love making friends online!^_^;

  7. Ohhhhhhhhhh I just can’t stand it i don’t
    like mew mew power I love it!!!!!

  8. it would be really colll if i could chat with a cast member especaly if it was the person who did the voice of Zoey because mew mew ROCKZ and i am a huge fan and my whole room is covered in mewmew stuff i even have one of each of their costumes and i have pro drawings of them and myt drawings

    • jade
    • November 6, 2006 | Link
  9. I absolutly love Mew Mew Power!Can I pleasse talk to a cast member!?

    • lil' pudding
    • February 17, 2007 | Link
  10. is there a member in here who can tell me more about mew mew power????

    • Ultima
    • June 5, 2007 | Link
  11. i love mew mew power but the show ended it is so sad zoey and mark make such a cute you know that mark is the blue knight.if yuo guys want to find more informaton yuo should buy the books.there are 7 books in total.

    • zoey
    • June 9, 2007 | Link

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