Aaron Dismuke interview

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Continuing their Sunday Spotlight feature, Anime News Nework have posted an interview with 12-year-old FUNimation voice actor Aaron Dismuke.


  1. I may not be related to Aaron, or know him in any way (i’ve actually never met him, though I really hope to someday), but I still would like to say that I am extremely proud of him, although I am a little bit envious(hey, i’m being honest!). I think it’s truly amazing that he is only twelve years old, and already doing voice acting. Aaron will definately go far in this business.

    I am a fifteen year old girl, striving to be a voice actress, and I would like to say that Aaron Dismuke is definately an inspiration. It might seem fangirlish, but I really think that Aaron is very inspiring, and makes me want to be a voice actress even more than I already do (and that’s a lot!).

    I hope to one day become a voice actress, and have the priviledge of working with Aaron. I think it would be enjoyable, and I would really love to get to know him. I met Travis Willingham at JACON this past April, and from what I heard from him, Aaron is a really sweet boy.

    When I found out about the interview with Aaron, I started reading it, because, of course, I am a fangirl (okay, I admitted it. n.n;). By the end of the interview, I was shaking so bad (my friend sitting next to me could tell you that. “Calm down, Erika!” “Oh My God .. I am shaking sooo .. sooo .. bad ..” “Just Calm Down ..”) .. he seems like such an awesome guy to be around, just from what he says, and I learned a bit more about how it can really be in the world of voice acting. But probably more so because i’m a fangirl. Go figure.

    Concluding this extremely long and wordy comment, I am just so proud of Aaron and all of his accomplishments, and even though I don’t know him, I wish him the best of luck, and all my love (like a brother. >>; the fangirl is here).


    Erika “Rika” Wade

  2. I love that Aaron’s a voice actor at such a young age!! I want to be one by next year..that’s MY goal and I envy Aaron.
    It’s just sooo cool to know that you can do a famous role such as Alphonse, at the age of 12!! I’m 15….I would give an arm and leg to be Aaron right now!!
    I’m glad they chose Aaron, he’s young and Al’s voice is still a 7 year old boy. Aaron’s not that far off….

    • Heather Graeber
    • October 29, 2005 | Link
  3. ugg i really dont care all that much about that im just searching all over the internet trying to find one simple picture of aaron dismuke BUT I CANT FIND ONE ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jessica
    • January 2, 2006 | Link
  4. hahah Aaron is a pretty Shway kid.

    You have a right to look up to him…or down to him…depends on how you look at it.

    Vic, and Kyle has met Aaron since they had the great chance to work with him. (Vic as Edward) (Kyle as falman)

    It’s just pretty ironic.

    • Zeek
    • January 8, 2006 | Link
  5. I too agree with Erika quite a bit on this subject as for I am trying my best and taking anything that comes my way as I try, myself, to become a voice actress one day! Aaron Dismuke is such an inspiration to me! I’m also only 12 years old and search all the time for anything that has to do with him..I watch shows he’s been in, and any other voice actor..Sometimes that will be the only reason I watch a show so that I can decode the voices to the person. When I found out that Aaron was doing commentary for one of the volumes, I freaked for days, getting it the next day, but always talking about it with my friend who had pointed it out. I’ve been into voice acting and acting in general for awhile now and just hope that some way, I too have the chance to be anything…Even a yelp in the background would be the best thing in the world for me. Aaron has always, since the first time I heard him, been more of an inpiration to me than anyone in my life. It just proves that age really doesn’t matter.

    • Raezyn
    • January 26, 2006 | Link
  6. i am so like envious of aaron i think it is so cool that he is only 12 and does such a wonderful job on the voice of alphonse elric(much cooler than edward or it pains me to say it he is coller than winry) i have to admit it would be so awsome to meet him (but although i think he is really really cool i’m not a FANGIRL)
    i want to meet him so badly i really want to start cosplay (that is were you make your own costumes of animie people and take pictures while they pose) (i have done some serching on the net and instaed of poseing for like running have the posers or poser run in place or it looks dum.)any way the girl that met trvis willingham is sooooooo lucky but you would be so much luckier if you met aaron travis actuly talk to you thats so cool i wish i was you!!!!!!!!!!!

    if hes right i want to meet aaron even more now!!!!

    gabriella coleman

    • gabriella coleman
    • February 3, 2006 | Link
  7. i have noticed you cant go anywere to find a pic of aaron i wonder if its wierd to know that people want to meet him and see him and stuff and if it does offend him im srry but im still looking for pics and crap

    • gabriella coleman
    • February 3, 2006 | Link
  8. could some one tell me plz what the heck friuts basket is?????

    • gabriella coleman
    • February 4, 2006 | Link
  9. i finally did it i found a pic of aaron i have got to be the first here to do it if you want to see it go to aaron DISMUKE anime news network.com on the top of the first page there is a black and white photo that is him.

    • gabriella coleman
    • February 5, 2006 | Link
  10. i am a voice actress im only 10 i play get this claus in the one with machahal he tries to make me into a doll……………………………..well sorta you get the piont i met aaron once in the hall way of a studio i had no idie we were both dubbing at and lemme tell you hes witty and really cute and really really nice any body watch the show or anime naruto i play sakura’s vioce in a flash back she has about when she is still tight close friends whatever with her mother she is five so i have to tone down my already squky vioce i guess i look up to aaron he does like a bagillion dubbed shows i only did 15 minutes and i thought i would die (the flash back is like 15 -20 minutes long) im so mad they took naruto off air till april 15 so the one im in wont be 4 like another month or so anway erika dont give up i wont lie and say its easy but dont give up ………………………………..aaron is sooo TO DIE FOR CUTE

    • gabriella coleman
    • March 13, 2006 | Link
  11. I couldn’t find the pic of Aaron Dismuke….Is there any pic?

  12. ok so I have never seen fruit baskets but Ive heard of it so i did some research on it and it sounds pretty cool to watch but it said that it plays on FUNimation channel Ive never heard of that channel. Anyone who lives in USA please tell me what channel its on so I can watch it. email me at luvme_cuz_im_here2stay@yahoo.com thanx guys oh and anyone with yahoo messanger , my email is my screen name so IM me I like Inuyasha, FullMetal Alchemist and a whole lot of other stuff but those are my favortie shows oh and ghost in shell.


  13. OK OK OK BIG BIG NEWS!!!!!



  14. Aww. Aaron Dismuke is adorable XD And hella talented I might add >.>

    There’s a good picture of him and Vig Mignogna here

    They look like brothers for real XD both amazingly talented

    • Maki
    • April 9, 2006 | Link
  15. ok, i am seriously not trying to sound like just another fan girl, but, Aaron is one of the greatest voice actor’s ever!!! he is soooooooooo amazing as Alphonse, and it’s also really cool that, if we ever met, we would get along soooo well!! we are exactly alike. my best friend is just like Edward, and i put up with her easily(no offense to edward, i love him to) i can’t really say that i know this, but he seems like he would be a really cool guy to hang with. If i ever saw him, i wouldnt do what the normal fan girls do. (i swear, im not lying) i wouldn’t chase him down for his autograph, lol. although, it would be nice to have known i met him in person. he probably has an awesome personality…=)

    • Cassie
    • April 28, 2006 | Link
  16. I think Aaron Dismuke is the world’s greatest voice actor. Fullmetal Alchemist is already my fav anime and Aaron being in it makes it all the more better! I would jump at the chance to be a voice actress someday…I’m only fourteen so there’s still a lot of time!!! Anyways, Aaron luv you!!!xoxo

    • Cassandra
    • June 28, 2006 | Link
  17. ummm…HI.Iike Aaron.(not my choise)Rock on!!!!!!!!

    • Cheniqua
    • July 5, 2006 | Link

    • Shelby
    • August 2, 2006 | Link
  19. I-i got to meet him at the AFO a while ago ^^ I also got his autograph and a hug *w* I just would like to say. . . AARON DISMUKE ROCKS! >w

    • Rebecca
    • August 8, 2006 | Link
  20. I like Aaron Dismuke… he sounds like a nice guy, and I could tell he is one… I only wish I could meet him personaly, and get to know him more… and look…he’s a voice actor and he’s only 12…but I could be a voice actor…but I’m so into different things like cooking and singing….and I’m only 11!!!!!!!!! but if ever anyone could tell me ar rather show me the interview, I would be very very very happy about that… please email me at kittybar28@yahoo.com and label the subject as “the aaron dismuke interview”… I hope someone will hear my call…. because I don’t live in the U.S…. I live in asia…the Philippines to be exact… and FMA is my fave anime EVER!!!!!!!!! so please… hear me out..
    – Aru

    • Subaru Meyers
    • August 25, 2006 | Link
  21. I had a crush on Alphonse Elric(from Fullmetal Alchemist)since I was 10!Now i’m eleven and still an Alphonse Elric Fan Girl.I told only four girls in the whole world that.My best friends who can keep secerts.Megan(who also thinks he’s cute),Jenna (Who thinks ED is cute),April(who doen’t really care because she doen’t watch adult swim),and Lindsey(I am torchered my her everyday because I like Al,a cartoon.)
    I saw a pictures,vidoes,and info about Aaron and I can’t belive He’s 13(he is going to be fourteen Oct.13)I LOVE YOU AL!

    • Christa
    • October 10, 2006 | Link
  22. Im love fma its an awsome show, and even though i dont know Aaron dismuke i want to say how great Aaron is at voise acting ^_^.And even though im only 13 i love anime XD.
    From one of Aaron’s fans
    Elysia T. (et for short)

    • elysia
    • October 27, 2006 | Link
  23. OH yeah i think alphonse is cute, and i also love his personalaty,^_^.
    Ones again from one of Aaron’s and alphonse biggest fans
    Elysia T. (et for short)

    • elysia
    • October 27, 2006 | Link
  24. hi
    i have actually met Aaron dismuke and think he is fit but i also want to say that i never knew what i wanted to be when i was older but when i found out about him and met him i thought to be a vouice actor just like him and want to know how he became one so young.

    • kitty
    • October 30, 2006 | Link
  25. I totaly agree he is cute!!!!^_^just google him and you’ll find a few pics…like 3……but it’s better then nothing….right?????

    • Miria R.
    • November 27, 2006 | Link
  26. it’s weird, because i just found out about Aaron being a voice actor.. i was like whoa, well because he goes to my school and he never mentioned it.
    but yeah aaron is pretty cool and of course hilarious.

    • Jazmin
    • December 20, 2006 | Link
  27. Well, Ive been watching FMA ever since my brother introduced me to anime.

    I first started out with Full Metal Alchemist and saw an episode of it and wasnt really facinated with it at the time because I was quite young and didnt have a good sense in good television.
    I was all crazed up on this show InuYasha and had been watching it for a long time. I own all the dvds.. -.-‘ and a backpack.
    I soon slowly drifted away from that and got back to FMA.

    Now Im obsessed with that show and like have seen every episode and both japaniese and english versions of the movie. [also own it]

    [[ Aaron is hott. Thank god Im near his age haha. ]]

    Yeah. Im lame.
    Liking someone very far away and in no class of ever knowing me.

  28. you go to school with Aaron….whats he like at school….i mean i met him but …yeah

    • Brittany
    • December 27, 2006 | Link
  29. hey when i first found out about aaron dismuke was in fullmetal achamist i love that show and the movie! i thought he would be a little younger than 14 but thats ok. my brother (14) said aaron and him would be good friends. i would like to do anime voice. my brother is writing sort of an anime thing so if it ever goes big he said he wanted me and aaron dismuke to do a voice. i just interduced my friend to fullmetal and she loves the gushing blood i think its kinda gross and sad i think its sad cause if a person you like get riped apart i wana cry like when rath got riped apart by glutney i couldnt watch that part. well i guess i better st writing cause my fingers are hurting.i luv aaron dismuke lol

    • megan
    • December 28, 2006 | Link
  30. omg….u guys have just about said EVERYthing on my mind!!!!!!
    well ok in the FMA move he’s like 13 or something(he’s younger……wich makes sence kuz it takes time for it to be ready for dvd after all the voice actors come in and record)

    I LUv AARON….he’s like my idle!!!!!!!
    I want to meet him some day!!!!!

    • Elisa
    • January 11, 2007 | Link
  31. hey i go to school with aaron. my friend likes him. and hes FLIPPING UGLY

    • megan
    • January 12, 2007 | Link
  32. I really hope to meet aaron cause it’s just so freakin awesome! he’s so inspirational and cute. my bud alice and me totally luv fma she thinks ed is HOTTwell I do too but I always have had a feeling for al . I know I’m a freak but ever since I saw the first episode I was like WHAT he’s a suit of armor but in gradual time i luved it . I’ve seen all the episodes and the movie

    I luv aaron dismuke I luv his voice and i wish to follow in his footsteps.

    • jessica.m
    • January 14, 2007 | Link
  33. Yo fellow Aaron Dismuke fans.Im raina, the xtremley gothic badass anime artist.Id liek to be a nice friend of yours but Im new….and Im really only here cuz Im doing a book report on him and I havnt had any luck.Please ppl, if you have any info on the super qt Aaron, plz tell me.

    My e-mail if it isnt shown is ilovetakkun54212@yahoo.com

    Id like 2 get in touch w u

  34. …Sooo…I know FMA is far from over…Almost 4 years

    But you know…I still love it!!!!..

    I love Aaron Dismuke..He will definelty go far and succeed in what he is doing…I just hope to see him get a major role in another show….

    I just wish to meet him…Lmao…I can’t even imagine the dreams I had of me meeting him…Kinda embarrasing to talk about lolz

    Yeah but I hope nothing but the best for him!!!

    • Noelle
    • September 23, 2007 | Link
  35. hi fellow fans!
    like everyone else i love FMA and think aaron is awesome.
    i wish icould meet him.
    i have a friend who has actually met him and she is going to see him again in a few days.
    pretty cool huh?
    by the way she says hes really cute and nice ^-^

  36. hi their fma lovers!^^ im also a fan of Aarons(i love vic more actually…) i know the anime is over….and the manga is still running,but….fullmetal alchemist will always have a place in my heart.

    the first episode i caught a glimpse of was the episode where scar demolished edward’s automail(~__~,,,,sniffle)me and my sister were bored at the time and just so happened to be flipping the channels.when i told her to go back to adult swim cuz i saw something i might like,i saw this blond kid and a suit of armor.

    my first thought was*wow,the blond looks pretty cute…* and when i saw scar i was like *what’s that guy gonna do…?* to my surprise he destroyed his auto-mail….causing both me and my sister to flip out.lol!!^^

    after that my dad ordered us to go to bed and well….I WAS DYING TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!!! i started taking glimpses on tv guide,trying to remember the time it was when i watched it and wondering what just the hell the show was called.

    no luck….

    i thought i was never gonna know the name of my fascinating new interest.then,believe it or not,3 months later(or even longer-.-‘) i was flipping through the channels(anxiously trying to find the show) when i landed on adult swim with the blond dude again.i didn’t know why but he was on a train in a brown coat,smiling up at the sky.

    it looked like he was smiling at me….and without thinking i went to tv guide to read the title: Fullmetal Alchemist

    that title clicked something inside of me i’d never thought existed.i was in the 5th grade back then,when hotmail and myspace was catching on with a bunch of other kids.but i was the only one searching for this Fullmetal Alchemist.

    the next year i found out they were rerunning fullmetal alchemist on adult swim-that the episode i’d seen was the LAST episode.i was shocked.but happy that i’d get a chance to see it.it took several sleepless schoolnights that summer finally came(thank god!)and i was able to stay up as late as i could to watch it TWO times.but it wasn’t enough….

    when vacation was over….i couldn’t bare the wait of the clock hand on1 a.m….and missed all episodes 30 to 48….i only managed to watch 49,50,and in march the next year….51.i guess you could say i was dedicated.when my parents bought a computer that summer,i started getting all the fullmetal alchemist pics i could find.i fell in love with Edward and well….lets just say my pictures are full of little blond alchemists^^

    i found out about the voice actors Aaron Dismuke and Vic Mignogna…about events like anime conventions and things like that.i was so surprised,i felt like i was sucked into a completely different world.and…well…people started noticing my quiet obsession of Fma…A LOT!!i started buying the manga-my first book was #4.i bought the fma movie.and i just barely managed to buy a dvd of episodes 4-7.fma’s said to be over…..BUT I’M JUST NOT SATISFIED!!!

    I didn’t even know there were ps2 games on fma.and i barely got the dual sympathy game last christmas.i don’t have a ps2,and i don’t live in japan.i feel like im at a disadvantage here!i haven’t even seen all the episodes yet!

    *sigh* it wasn’t until i found a site called Quizilla when i found my luck changing.i signed up and started making stories-love stories about ed.i’ve only got ten right now,and i cant post anymore cuz i forgot my password(hah!^_-)

    but of all else.i’m gonna get a new account and redo my stories!Fullmetal Alchemist isn’t over just yet!!atleast not in my book!

    im gonna watch those episodes no matter what it takes,ill get the dvds and read each book that comes out of the manga.ill try getting that ps2 even if it takes a lifetime of savings and get those ps2 games.and…hehe…i dont have a nintendo ds for my dual sympathy game but ill try getting that too!

    yes,i am a fangirl,and yes,i am obsessive!but hey!i love this show.AND I LOVE EDWARD ELRIC!!! I’m not letting this remarkable show disappear no matter what.*giggles* or my sweet edo-kun!!

    if you ever feel like reading my edward love story it’s on Quizilla.

    Just look for the username edjenforever and go to my stories.

    i may have lost my password but im still planning on making a new account.

    (i’ve got about 60 fma stories on notepad.)hehe….=+

    so anyways,i know this is a long comment and all but seriously…..

    Thanks so much Vic Mignogna,Aaron Dismuke. If it weren’t for you guys Fullmetal Alchemist would have never changed my life like it did.

    (tears streaming down cheeks)thanks…-^-^-

  37. hehe…almost forgot!^^

    if you ever wanna email me or stuff.got questions on quizilla or my stories

    my email is: edjenforever@hotmail.com


  38. Hahaha. Aaron Dismuke = My love. I’ve had like the biggest celeb-crush on him ever since I heard his voice in FMA. Hey, a fangirl can dream, can’t she?

    • Mrs. Dismuke
    • December 26, 2007 | Link

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