Steve Blum working on Naruto

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During his panel at ACEN yesterday, Steve Blum revealed that he’d be working on the highly anticipated English language release of Naruto, though he wasn’t sure if he’d actually be part of the cast or just doing script adaptation.


  1. I just wanted to let you all know that he’s been put on IMDB as being Kakashi. In my experience they’ve never been wrong so here’s hoping.

    Oh and here’s the link so you can check for yourselves

    • Lainie
    • June 27, 2005 | Link
  2. While it’s certainly quite possible that it is correct, IMDB will accepts submissions from anyone, so all it means is that someone probably heard the same rumor that’s been floating around and decided to send it in to them. Situations like this lead IMDB to be wrong often enough, though they do have a lot of accurate info on anime – mainly since most of it was copied from our site :(.

    • drakh
    • June 28, 2005 | Link

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