Samantha Inoue Harte interview

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AnimeOnDVD has posted an interview with teacher, animator and actor Samantha Inoue Harte about her work for Powerhouse Animation and the now defunct Monster Island Studio.


  1. Will ADV be using any of the defunct Monster Island workers? I’ve only seen a small handful being used in Gatchaman. Why haven’t any other studios hired these actors? It’s a shame to let good talent go to waste.

    • matt Blank
    • September 17, 2005 | Link
  2. What other dubbing studios are there to hire someone living in Austin? Houston & Ft. Worth are each 3.5hrs by car not counting traffic. That’s a long drive just to bring someone from Austin to another nearby studio. Austin may be the capital but it is also a college town. The University of Texas and the state capital take up a large portion of what is the city of Austin. There is an established film industry in Austin and ditto for music for them to fall back into, but not much work for dubbing (games, anime, cartoons, etc).

    It’s cheaper & makes more business sense for companies to use an exisiting studio in LA, Vancouver, or New York than to rent an Austin recording studio and locate locals (or fly in their own staff) to handle the production of an Austin dub. On top of all of this, you would have to sort through the acting pool to find VAs to use. Not all the VAs in FUNi & ADV titles are listed with a talent agency. Some are company employees, some are friends of VAs, and some are just answering ads in the newspaper. In the end, they’ll have to move to another city to keep dubbing on a regular basis or find something else to do.

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