Amanda Winn-Lee seeking blood donations for ill son

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Matt, the brother of longtime anime actress and co-owner of Gaijin Productions Amanda Winn-Lee, has sent out an email with a suggestion for those in the Los Angeles area who want to help Amanda’s infant son Nicholas, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Dear fans of Amanda and Jason,

Hi! I am Amanda’s brother and on behalf of our whole family, I want to thank you for your offers of support and your kind thoughts.

For those of you who do not know, Amanda and Jason’s 6-month old son Nicholas was diagnosed with leukemia (a cancer of the blood) last month. So far, he is responding well to treatment and we are all very hopeful that his progress will continue.

I know some of you have offered to help Amanda, Jason and Nicholas. Nicholas is about to start his next phase of chemotherapy. These medications kill his existing blood cells. They are replaced with new ones that Nicholas grows and that are donated from others. Please read the criteria below and if you are eligible and live in the Los Angeles area, Contact the Blood Donor Center as soon as possible. (323) 669-2441

Who May Donate?

To qualify, donors must:

  • be at least 17 years of age (there is no upper age limit)
  • weigh at least 110 pounds
  • have no history of hepatitis, heart disease, or certain types of cancer
  • have no cold, sore throat, or other type of infection
  • not have engaged in any activity considered “at risk” for exposure to HIV (AIDS) and hepatitis.
  • not be taking “significant” medications
  • not have donated in the past eight weeks

Each person can donate whole blood if they meet all the established requirements, including a more extensive screening conducted on the day of donation.

There is also a need for a special product called blood platelets, so ask the donation center if you are eligible when you call. If you end up making a donation, make sure they know it is for Nicholas Lee.

Thanks in advance to all of you for your support for Amanda, Jason and especially for Nicholas.


More information on her son’s condition can be found in Amanda’s LiveJournal.


  1. I dont know much about cancer of the blood, but I’m hoping everything will be fine. Not much to say here, wish your family only good things from now on.

  2. I Wish I Was In L.A So I Could Help out…

    • Rei Ayanami's Boy
    • March 1, 2007 | Link
  3. Actually, this news item is several years old. I believe Nicholas has actually recovered fully and is now doing quite well.

    • drakh
    • March 2, 2007 | Link