Sakura Diaries OVA cast

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There are two versions of the series Sakura Diaries in Japan, the original OVA release and a later late night TV edit of the series. The TV version of the series was released by ADV Films in 2000 under the name Sakura Diaries and dubbed by Monster Island. The OVA version was released afterwards as a sub-only DVD set in 2001 under the title Sakura Diaries: Collector’s Edition. Now ADV Films is going back to the OVA version and giving it a brand new dub using their Houston studio Industrial Smoke & Mirrors.

Touma Inaba – Robert Martinez
Urara KasugaMariela Ortiz
Komi NatsukiKira Vincent-Davis
Mieko YotsubaMonica Rial
Koji AkimotoChris Ayres
Mashu TatsuhikoChris Patton

ADR Director: Janice Williams
ADR Script: Clint Bickham

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