JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure v.4 DVD Release

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Press Release: Super Techno ArtsJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Super Techno Arts JoJo V4 New Release Information

Adventure 8: Iggi “The Fool” and N’Dool “The GEB” (Part I)
Voyaging through the Middle East, Jotaro and his companions finally reach Egypt. There, they are met by a helicopter sent by the Speed Wagon Foundation to deliver a new addition to their group–the mysterious Iggi “The Fool.” When the helicopter crashes a short time later under bizarre circumstances, the group investigates, only to find themselves pitted against another of Dio’s assassins–N’Dool and his deadly Stand, “God Geb.”

Adventure 9: Iggi “The Fool” and N’Dool “The GEB” (Part II)
Jotaro and the others find themselves stranded and at the mercy of N’Dool’s incredibly strong and mercurial Stand, “God Geb,” One by one, the companions fall prey to N’Dool’s sudden and violent attacks. Faced with almost certain death, Jotaro makes a desperate gambit and forces Iggi to help him strike back at N’Dool, but Iggi has other plans. He betrays Jotaro at a critical moment, offering him to “God Geb” to save his own life.

Title: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Volume 4
UPC Code: (9) 82693 00004 (1)
ISBN #: 0-9727193-5-0
Street Date: 7/26/2005
SRP: $24.99
TRT: Approx. 60min

Original Story: Hirohiko Araki
Planning: Hiroki Goto/Kazuo Nakano
Director: Hiroyuki Kitakubo
Character Design/Animation Director: Junichi Hayama
Art Director: Youichi Nango
Sound Design: Tom Myers, Gary Rydstrom SKYWALKER SOUND a division of Lucas Digital Ltd.
Music composed & arranged: Marco d’Ambrosio
Producer: Kazufumi Nomura
Animation Production: A.P.P.P.

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