Ah! My Goddess cast

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Due out September 27, Ah! My Goddess gets its third English cast with the release of the first volume of the TV series by Media Blasters:

BelldandyEileen Stevens
KeiichiDrew Aaron
OhtakiScottie Ray
TamiyaMarc Thompson
Sayoko – Karen Nell

Directed by Sean Schemmel
Adapted by Stephanie Sheh
Produced by NYAV Post

The Ah!/Oh! My Goddess franchise has previously been dubbed by Coastal Carolina and Animaze.. iNC.


  1. Not good. I am very disappointed. Ah! My Goddess will never be the same again. I was really hoping the Coastal Carolina or the LA Animaze/NGP to be recording the english dub.
    Apparently, I have a strong hunch that this is going to go down the drain. Right from the moment I heard that Ah! My Goddess TV was acquired by Media Blasters in January 2005, I immediately felt like sludge, slowly melting away.

    I really wanted either Juliet Cesario or Bridget Hoffman, to voice Belldandy.
    *cough* Bridget *cough* Hoffman *cough*.

  2. Yes Bridget Hoffman, to voice Belldandy. is there any other choice.

    • ace_34472
    • August 23, 2005 | Link

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