Naruto cast annonuced

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After much speculation around the web, Viz has finally revealed the cast for its release of Naruto:

NarutoMaile Flanagan
SakuraKate Higgins
SasukeYuri Lowenthal

KakashiDave Wittenberg
Hinata HyuugaStephanie Sheh

TsunamiCindy Robinson
Ino YamanakaColleen O’Shaughnessey
KonohamaruColleen O’Shaughnessey
AsumaDoug Erholtz
GatoFred Tatasciore
TazunaKirk Thornton
IrukaQuinton Flynn
ChojiRobbie Rist
HokageSteve Kramer
ZabuzaSteven Blum
Shikamaru – Tom Gibbas

As previously reported, the Nartuo dub is being produced by Studiopolis, Inc. and directed by Jamie Simone, Jeff Nimoy and Marc Handler.


  1. Most excellent. Quinton Flynn is more anime, that’s always good.

    • Sol
    • August 25, 2005 | Link
  2. NO!!!!!!!!!! Why not Steven Blum for Kakashi???? I have been waiting the whole long summer and expected him to be playing Kakashin. =.= so dissapointed, well hope he will appear more later on. Maybe playing Sasuke’s brother heh? haha awsome.

    • Terry Ng
    • August 27, 2005 | Link



    • Ferret
    • August 27, 2005 | Link
  4. Should’t that be Tsunade instead of Tsunami? I’m not familiar with any of Naruto’s VA’s works, but I’m looking forward to how she handles him. ūüôā

  5. I don’t really know much about the show, so I just used the names ANN got. There were a few spelling errors in the cast names though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the names were wrong too.

    • drakh
    • August 29, 2005 | Link
  6. who will be blessing us with the voice of Orochimaru?

    • hunter
    • September 2, 2005 | Link
  7. Tsunami was Inari’s mother (from the Big Naruto Bridge arc.)

    I’m actually glad they didn’t casy Steve Blum in Kakashi’s role. Although he’s done som any things in the past (and he is playing Zabuza,) it’s starting to get a bit tiresome to see him play every super-cool male character in an anime. ^^; Just my opinion.

    • Kei
    • September 4, 2005 | Link
  8. Isn’t Matt Damon doing Orochimaru?

    • Maniak
    • September 6, 2005 | Link
  9. Matt Damon = Orochimaru

    theres no order to there madness ;P

    • Narutofan
    • September 6, 2005 | Link
  10. You’re putting way too much faith into IMDB. Anyone can submit info to them, and they don’t do any fact checking. Like the previous cast list they had (the one with Johnny Yong Bosch as Naruto), this is almost certainly a just made up rumor.

    • drakh
    • September 7, 2005 | Link
  11. Well frankly, having seen it on Toonami, I don’t having anycomplaints yet…so far so good…I just wanna know who they got for Haku…

    • Mog
    • October 4, 2005 | Link
  12. It would be marvelous if Crispin Freeman were cast as Orochimaru-he’s an amazing voice actor(especially for slimy villains like this guy!). However, I did see somewhere that Tony Danza would be Orochimaru. Dang…no offense, Mr. Danza, but Crispin was made for this kinda role!

    • U-DO freak
    • October 22, 2005 | Link

    • HailZuko82
    • September 25, 2006 | Link

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