Monica Rial interview

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Active Anime has put up an interview with Texas voice actress Monica Rial, focusing on the recording process of the partially improvised Ghost Stories dub.


  1. monica rial….. She is the best, last year in 05 was all about Ms. Monica Rial. she has been all over the place and she is a very talented actress. there isn’t any anime in ADV Films that doesn’t have her in it, also in FUNimation she is one of the sin’s in full metal Alchmist, she the new Lust. Monica is insperation and she better not stop. “keep on going”

  2. Monica Rial is my #1 ADV actress. However, I wouldn’t go and say that “there isn’t an anime series that doesn’t have her in it”, because there were many ADV titles that didn’t cast her.
    Unless Mr. Vasquez, meant that as a figure of speech. By which case, sorry.

    It was nice also to see her do some work in LA.

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