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While we’re still very much focused on being the most accurate source of English language anime voice actors on the net, we’ve decided to try expanding our scope a bit, opening for entries for other kinds of dubs, especially those containing already familiar anime voice actors. So far, we’ve added entries for the live action series Dark Soldier D (dubbed by The Ocean Group), the video game Valkyrie Profile (dubbed by TAJ Productions), and the European animation The Boy Who Wanted to be a Bear (dubbed by Tripwire Productions). We hope to add more later.


  1. Wow. Awesome job, you guys! Finally, a listing for Valkyrie Profile. Are you planning to add some more videogame-related entries as well?

  2. Hopefully, though it’s not a top priority. Getting a good listen to all the voices is a fair bit more timeconsuming than with anime. I have an entry for Animaze’s dub of Brave Fencer Musashi in the works, though adding features to the site is currently taking precedence. I know others have been eying some anime tie-in games like the .hack and Gundam ones.

    • drakh
    • February 15, 2006 | Link

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