Voices For Peace

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Voice actors Greg Ayres, Christopher Ayres, Chris Patton, Tiffany Grant, Brittney Karbowski, Kira Vincent-Davis, Jamie McGonnigal, Mike Sinterniklaas and Amanda Winn Lee have banded together with other US anime personalities to produce Voices For Peace, a musical album containing 11 war protest songs performed by them and others. To be released on May 1st, the proceeds will be donated to charities CARE, Doctors Without Borders and the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust.

More information can be found on the project’s website VoicesFor.org.

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  1. Odd…Last time I checked, Sunday Bloody Sunday was actually a song about the awful incident in 1972 when a group of British paratroopers opened fire on a Catholic crowd in Northern Ireland. It had no more relations to the Vietnam War then Kent State had to Konfrontasi.

    As to the theme…To each their own.


    • C.T.
    • February 19, 2006 | Link

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