4 years, 1 month, 20 hours, some odd mins ago today…

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I was reminded the other day that people actually like to know how old sites are from time to time. So then, on Feb, 21st, 2002 this site posted its first database entry with Original Dirty Pair. We’ve managed to make a pretty big dent in the industry with actual research title to title in the time we’ve been around. And we are still moving forward as we continue to update and upgrade the database four years later.

Yes, I am over a month past due on mentioning this. I can remember my girlfriend’s birthday but not that of a project which has consumed much of my time & money these past four years. Not to mention the countless hours donated by the rest of the staff and contributors over the years, too. Go figure. But at least you guys & gals won’t make me “sleep on the couch” because of it. 😉

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