F3: Frantic, Frustrated & Female (Critical Mass Video release)

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Pre-book date: 5/30/2006, Street date: 6/27/2006.
Approximately 90 minutes, Dolby Digital Stereo, Color.
Erotic Comedy

DVD (English/Japanese Audio with English Subtitles and On-Screen Translations)

Catalog#: CMDVD6956
UPC#: 7-42617-6956-2-9
Suggested Rating: 18+
SRP: $29.99

F3 is back, and sexier than ever! This hilarious hentai gem from producers Kinya Watanabe and Yutaro Mochizuki (DRAGON PINK / ELVEN BRIDE) has been given an all new dub, a more accurate translation, and reauthored, cleaner video!


Sexy Hiroe Ogawa is cursed – no matter what she does, she can’t get any satisfaction from sex. And it’s driving her crazy! Her one desire is to be able to hit the peak of physical pleasure with her boyfriend Sumio, but her little problem is keeping her from ever reaching her goal.

But not to worry! Hiroe’s “sister” Mayaka has plenty of ideas to help her achieve her goal. Fortune tellers, sex-crazed scientists, even a few of Mayaka’s special
“hands-on” techniques… no avenue will go unexplored! Anything’s fair game, ’cause Hiroe’s ready to do anyone and anything in her search for ultimate fulfillment!

Don’t miss the wildest sex comedies ever as one lone woman braves mad scientists, sex-starved lesbian duels, and demon possessed rubber dolls in search of the ultimate fulfillment!

Art Gallery, Original US F3 Trailer, Critical Mass Video Trailers, Scene Access, 2.0 Dolby Digital Japanese and English Audio with Regular and “Soft” Subtitles for on screen translations.

Graphic of cover (note: large) is located at http://outgoing.rightstuf.com/sleeves/cmdvd6956.jpg

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