CPM cuts staff in Musicland bankruptcy

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Central Park Media has been forced to cut part of its staff due to Musicland (owners of Musicland, Sam Goody, and Suncoast) filing bankruptcy. John O’Donnell has given a statement over the situation and to help find their former employees new employment in the New York area.

“As our business has been significantly impacted by Musicland’s bankruptcy filing, we are facing tightening sales conditions and are currently focusing on a cost cutting program which will structure the company for future growth without our largest customer.  A number of very talented and dedicated employees have unfortunately lost their jobs through no fault of their own.  CPM will be happy to assist these fine staff members find employment opportunities, so any company seeking experienced and professional employees are requested to email CPM at HR519@teamcpm.com for further details.”

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  1. Actually, it looks like that stament was made to ToonZone. ICv2 tends to pass off news taken from other sites as their own.

    Anyways, I suppose from this statement that CPM is slimming down to a “skeleton crew”, and will try to live of sales of existing releases for a while.

    • drakh
    • May 30, 2006 | Link

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