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For Immediate Release:

Box Set to be Priced at $39.95 SRP and Single Discs to be Priced From $9.95 SRP to $19.95 SRP.

NEW YORK, NY (September 12, 2006)  Central Park Media announced that it will reduce the price on four of its popular DVDs at the time of their re-release on November 21, 2006.  This group of releases includes the Gall Force DVD Collection  the adventures of a team of highly skilled female warriors battling ruthless killing machines; Arcade Gamer Fubuki  the escapades of a girl who is a super-powered whiz at arcade games; A Wind Named Amnesia   a compelling drama from the director of Ninja Scroll and the director of Metropolis; and Machine Robo-Revenge of Cronos: Volume 3   the classic series continues with the next five action packed episodes. 

The Gall Force DVD Collection will be re-priced at $39.95 SRP, Arcade Gamer Fubuki Collector’s Series Edition will be re-priced at $19.95 SRP, and A Wind Named Amnesia and Machine Robo-Revenge of Cronos: Volume 3 will be re-priced at just $9.95 SRP each.

The order date will be October 24, 2006 and the street date will be November 21, 2006.  All of these releases will contain English and Japanese language tracks with English subtitles with the exception of Machine Robo-Revenge of Cronos: Volume 3 which contains only Japanese language tracks with English subtitles.

Gall Force DVD Collection 


Contains 4 DVDs: Gall Force, Gall Force 2: Destruction, Gall Force 3: Stardust Wars, and Rhea Gall Force.

Features character designs by Kenichi Sonoda (Gunsmith Cats and Bubblegum Crisis)! Created by Hideki Kakinuma (Megazone 23).

A space war rages between a race of women warriors known as the Solnoids and the ruthless bio-mechanical armies of the Paranoids.

Running time: 260 minutes
Genre: Sci-Fi
Rating: 13UP
WEA Selection: 752261
SRP: $39.95
UPC: 7-19987-22612-8

Arcade Gamer FubukiFrom the Screenwriter of Cowboy Bebop.

“Highly amusing anime that should be especially appealing to any old-school gamers out there” –Newtype USA Magazine

“Light and fun faire for everyone” –Anime.com

“Quirky, zany and all-around funny” – Animerica

Fubuki is a girl whose only goal in life is to be the best…at arcade games! In normal life, she’s a total spaz, but when it comes to arcades, Fubuki’s a whiz with special super-powers. When an evil organization steals her powers to gain world domination, Fubuki’s dream of winning the World Championship is in danger! She and her friends must battle the wackiest bunch of video game villains ever in a quest to make playing games fun again.

Collector’s Series Edition Bursting with Special Features including: Japanese TV Spots, Bonus Episode, Music Videos, Storyboard Comparisons, Textless Opening, Voice Actress Interview, Art Gallery, Festival Promotional Trailer, Arcade Gamer Fubuki Trailer…and more!



Running time: Approx. 140 minutes
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: 13UP
WEA Selection: 752363
SRP: $19.95
UPC: 7-19987-23632-5

A Wind Named Amnesia 


From Yoshiaki Kawajiri, the director of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, The Animatrix: Segment “Program,” X -The TV Series, and Ninja Scroll.

From Taro Rin, the director of Metropolis.

“a total gem” – Animenewsnetwork.com

An amnesia plague has struck the planet and everyone forgot who they were and how to use the tools that society has come to rely on. Now, two years after the disaster, a lone wanderer seeks to make sense of a world gone mad.

DVD Features: Character Gallery, Previews, English & Japanese with English Subtitles.

Running time: 80 minutes
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: 13UP
WEA Selection: 752340
SRP: $9.95
UPC: 7-19987-23402-4

Machine Robo-Revenge of Cronos: Volume 3 “You’ll watch it and love it” – AnimeJump.com

Contains 5 episodes!

Robot warrior Drill returns to his hometown to find it ravaged by war! The evil Lord Gades has turned the peaceful robots against each other. Can Drill convince his childhood friends to fight the real enemy instead of each other?

Part of Central Park Media’s Authentic Anime series – classic programs in a subtitled format that serious fans demand.

DVD Features: Trailers, Previews, Japanese with English subtitles


Running time: 125 minutes
Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: 3UP
WEA Selection: 436224
SRP: $9.95
UPC: 7-95243-62242-2

About Central Park Media
Central Park Media is a 16-year-old Manhattan-based independent video and book publisher focused on Japanese and Korean animation and graphic novels.  Central Park Media has been a leading supplier of anime in the United States since 1990, and a major publisher of manga since 1994.  The company currently manufactures and distributes animated video programming under several label names, including U.S. Manga Corps, Be Beautiful, Software Sculptors and Central Park Media, as well as live-action Asian feature films under its Asia Pulp Cinema label. 

With exclusive rights to hundreds of graphic novels, the company has become a leading North American publisher of Japanese manga and Korean manhwa.  Among CPM’s fan-favorite graphic novel titles are Lee Hyun Se’s Nambul (the best-selling manhwa in Korean publishing history), and Kia Asamiya’s Dark Angel.  Under its Be Beautiful imprint, the company also publishes popular yaoi manga such as the best-selling Kizuna: Bonds of Love (the best-selling yaoi title in Japanese publishing history).  Visit www.centralparkmedia.com, www.cpmpress.com and www.bebeautifulmanga.com for more information.

For high resolution, downloadable artwork and information, please visit CPM’s electronic press kit at www.centralparkmedia.com./cpmdb/presskit.cfm .

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