Tactics: Volume 2

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On September 26th, Anchor Bay Entertainment and Manga Entertainment release Tactics: Volume 2 on DVD, featuring episodes 6-10 of the remarkable anime series. The continuing saga of supernatural detective Kantaro Ichinomiya and his “Demon Eating”goblin partner Haruka, Tactics: Volume 2 is produced by studio Deen (SPIRITED AWAY, FRUITS BASKET, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, READ OR DIE, and MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM). Dvdtalk.com says that “the animation is stunning, the artwork is breathtaking and the backgrounds resemble Japanese watercolor painting…a sleeper hit.” Tactics” Volume 2 has an SRP of $24.98 and pre-book is August 16th. 

Episodes 6-10 follows the monster-fighting squad as they journey to Bride Island, Suzuku Temple, and Asakusa in search of paranormal adventures. Starting with Chapter 6, a ghost trolley appears in a small village six months after a horrible accident. In their investigations, the detectives encounter a young girl who might hold the secret to the mysterious apparition. Then in Episode 7, the daughter of a wealthy family disappears from Asakusa. Haruka and Kantaro are called to investigate. Can the two stop bickering long enough to discover the secret of Lord Katsuragi and the Katsuragi society? Episode 8 is a treat for anyone who has ever felt unappreciated with Yoko who keeps the Ichinomiya household running. She cooks, cleans and does the laundry with little reward. After Kantaro and Haruka enjoy a treat that she was saving for later, Yoko decides to pack up and leave. In Episode 9, people are inexplicably turning into skeletons on Bride Island. Professor Numata seeks the help of Kantaro and his college rival/supernatural skeptic. The two-part Episode 10 is all-out adventure of Kantaro, Haruka and the rest of the team attempt to solve the mysterious deaths on the eve of Suzuku Village’s Festival of the Wind.

The Tactics: Volume 2 DVD boasts the following exhilarating episodes:

Episodes 6: The Ghost Trolley Episode 7: A Seductive Beckoning

Episode 8: A Foxy Lady Episode 9: The Strange Tale of Bride Island

Episode 10: Will of the Winds Part One

Bonus features on the Tactics: Volume 2 DVD include:



• Original Japanese with English Subtitles

• Japanese and English Language Stereo and 5.1 Surround Mixes

• Photo Gallery

• Motion Menus

• Original Japanese TV Commercials

• Original Japanese Merchandise Ads

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