BZ! starts AnimeTV January 2007

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AnimeTV Calling All Anime Fans! You gotta hear this.What’s the big deal now? I’m friggin’ busy!Yeah. Right. Listen – AnimeTV— It’s gonna be the first ever real, entertaining, and informative TV review show dedicated to anime. AND, you’ll get a chance to watch some clips from the actual shows..!

Alright . . what’s it supposed to be like?

Think “Entertainment Tonight” meets “MTV”. Just, y’know, with anime, games, music and stuff — rather than overrated, over dramatic twentyminute soap opera-esqe drivel. Plus it’s gonna be a free download on iTunes. You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound sweet.

Okay, so you caught my interest. Keep talking.

Well keep listening. I promise it only gets better. The set is in an actual anime recording studio. Okay, I gotta admit, it looks more like some kind of cyber cafe hang out spot in all honesty, with cool comfy sofas. You gotta love those sofas… Johnny Yong Bosch (former Black Power Ranger and the voice of Vash from Trigun) is gonna be hangin’ with a group of freakishly hard core anime fanatics to talk — or maybe rant — about the hottest anime titles being released right now.

Alright alright, it doesn’ t sound too bad.

Are you crazy? You’ve gotta be. Either that, or some new level of slow. Anyway, AnimeTV will be available for FREE download on, You Tube and starting January 2007. Worth the wait? Oh, yeah.

But now I don’t wanna wait! Too bad, you have to wait. Shut up, or take some ritalin before you hurt yourself. You can go to the website now and you can find out more about the show. Anime Freaks like you will be able to get involved. You can be a judge. You can do some cosplay. You can tell us what you really think – unless you’re mean, in which case don’t go there. Go play some games or something. It’s not up yet, but soon you’ll also be able to shop for radical anime DVDs, toys and figures, manga, T-shirts, posters, CDs and a helluva lot more on the site. Maybe you can win some free stuff, too. Go there now. What are you waiting for? Hurry! You can watch the new commercials with Johnny. They’re pretty stupid, but it’s a GOOD stupid. You know you want to. (Unless you’re mean.) Okay, I’m outta here. Stay tuned for more info! Give ‘em Hell – The AnimeTV Team

PS – You didn’t ask, but I’m gonna tell you anyway: AnimeTV is being produced by Bang Zoom! Entertainment. The kind and gentle group of psychotic weirdos who brought you some of the all time great English language animes like RUROUNI KENSHIN (Media Blasters), SAMURAI CHAMPLOO (Geneon), WITCH HUNTER ROBIN (Bandai), and a friggin’ ton of other huge titles you’d probably know if I cared enough to spend more time working on this. Go find that out on your own. I’m done talking. Really. No, really. Well… maybe just for now.





  1. This is an awsome news indeed. For many of you who haven’t meet Jonhny before or have a chance to see him in real life, you won’t imagine what a funny and talented host he is. I wasn’t fan of him before but right after this year AX Idol at Anime Expo, my eyes and ears are widely open. He is great.

    • Terry Ng
    • November 22, 2006 | Link
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