Ninja Vixens: Devilish Angels DVD

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In the continuing series of Japanese ninja girls, we find Ninja Vixens: Devilish Angels from Neon-g. Third in an ongoing-yet-unrelated series, Anju earns the title of “Ninja Vixen” with a vengeance. Having defected from her clan, she takes up jobs for money and hustles the stupid theives in the Japanese countryside. It is this latter tendency which creates a chance meeting with Yuki, a homeless soul looking for a friend and teacher to make her more than a shell of a woman. Ninja Vixens: Devilish Angels brings back the humor found in Flame of Seduction along with the arousing talents of actresses Miki Shigeyashu, Minako Tsuge, and Japanese AV idol Chika Kawamura to present a light-hearted story with action. (more…)

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