[as] Dubbing Eureka seveN II

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Bang Zoom! Entertainment has produced a sequel to their first [adult swim] video following the Behind-the-Scenes dubbing process of Eureka 7. Making an appearance are Johnny Yong Bosch (Renton), Stephanie Sheh (Eureka), The Ninja, Mami Okada (Assoc. Producer), Eric P. Sherman (President), and Lisa Marie Cizneroz (Exec. Assist.). We will spare you of the “b-movie flyer” also sent along. ūüėČ

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  1. Did anybody see this video?
    It’s HILARIOUS. It’s worth going to adult swim to see this crazy ninja in the recording studio. I am not kidding.

    • Bob Ray
    • December 22, 2006 | Link

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