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FUNimation recently announced that they would be re-releasing the Dragon Ball Z series episodes into sets. The episodes are being remastered and then converted to 480p 24frames with enhancement for HD. Naturally, the idea of cropping a fullscreen image into widescreen is going to cause a fuss amoungst the fans. So FUNi has put together a handy FAQ answering questions regarding the upcoming season sets, cropping issues, and the need to re-dub various moments to attempt to have a consistent dub over the 291 episodes.

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  1. (4:3) Petition and Letter Campaign Effective Jan 28th
    FUNimation Marketing Associate wrote:Honestly the best way to file a complaint is to write an actual letter. We have not seen a single letter arrive even though on the boards people say they have mailed letters. Same goes with the petitions, we have not received a single one. If someone coordinates a real petition and then sends a printed copy up or the letters, thats physical proof that the DBZ Brand Manager can give to the higher ups. The address is still the same:

    FUNimation Entertainment
    C/O DBZ Brand Manager
    6851 NE Loop 820
    Suite 400
    Fort Worth, TX 76180

    I wont lie itll take a lot of signatures to spend that kind of money again to do a different set. So if people are serious and actually do it cool, but honestly so far its only been complaints on the message boards.

    This thread is to annouce the petition as plan A ,and to send personal letters to FUNI as plan B

    Here is the Petition!

    Here is the pre-written letter that you can mail to FUNi. Just write in your name and address where directed, print it out and mail it to the address:

    • vegeta
    • February 2, 2007 | Link

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