Geneon Mar 2007 titles

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Street Date: March 13, 2007
DearS Complete Box Set
Catalog #: 12724
Price: $79.98
Time: 325 min
Zipang Vol. 4: Attack on G Island
Catalog #: 12770
Price: $24.98
Time: 100 min
Street Date: March 20, 2007
Shana Vol. 4
Catalog #: 12778
Price: $29.98
Time: 100 min
DearS Complete Box Set
One year ago, an alien spacecraft crashed into Tokyo Bay, leaving the entire crew stranded on Earth with no means of returning home.  In no time, the aliens are granted Japanese citizenship and begin participating in a home-stay program with the local people in order to learn all about human culture. When one DearS goes astray and wanders into the life of an ordinary high school student named Takeya, the adventure begins and this DearS is about to learn things they don’t teach you in school!
Rating: 16 UP
Zipang Vol. 4
From the sidelines to the front line – Mirai fights for the sake of humankind!
The days of Mirai as a neutral rescue ship are over:  Battleship Mirai has emerged! Forced into battle with its own countrymen, the peacekeeping effort appears doomed. Escalating tension even more, Commander Kadomatsu is blindsided, as the loyal but suspicious Lt. Kusaka finally reveals his true motives.  When the rescue crew deployed at G Island comes face-to-face with the bloodiness of war, the aftermath of battle permanently stains their memories.  Wrestling with its identity, are they the peacemakers or simply someone’s pawn?
Rating: 13 UP
Shana Vol. 4
The Denizens have begun their final plans and with Shana ensnared it appears that her end is imminent.  Shana’s history as a Flame Haze is now revealed as we see how her earlier life progressed, training to become the greatest Flame Haze to bond with the Flame of the Heavens and acquire the Nietono no Shana from the deadly Tennmokuikko…
Rating: 13 UP

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