Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting Revolution (Wii)

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Fighting Spirit fans may enjoy this food for thought. Two of the Hajime no Ippo games have been imported to the US by Empire Interactive as Victorious Boxers. The first game, Ippo’s Road to Glory, came out in 2001, with little fanfare. After the TV series was brought over by Geneon, the game found a new audience digging through the bargin bins for $7. The second game, Fighting Spirit, came out earlier this year for the low price of $10 with cross-promotion for the TV series.

While there have been no announcements yet for a US release, Japanese studio AQ Interactive has released a trailer for a new Wii-based boxer game called Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting Revolution. Now, wouldn’t it be interesting to see a new Victorious Boxers game in the US where you can actually box against Ippo’s challengers?

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