Black Lagoon: Volume 1

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Delivering The Bullet-Riddled Action Of Jon Woo’s The Killer and Hard Boiled In An Anime That Aims For The Jugular
Volume One Arrives On DVD May 22, 2007 From Geneon EntertainmentLONG BEACH, CA – March 20, 2007 – In the dirty underbelly of society, there are those who make a living and those who get busy dying in the gutter. Would you willingly throw away your life-draining, white-collar job and meaningless day-to-day existence to join their ranks? Witness the aftermath when one man does what most of us dream of doing! Set in the seas surrounding Southeast Asia, Black Lagoon is filled with heroic bloodshed and high-tension drama exposing a side of life that we tend to ignore. Available on DVD May 22, 2007 from Geneon Entertainment, Black Lagoon combines the dark and slightly cynical nature of Fight Club with the non-stop action of a Jon Woo film. Created by manga artist Rei Hiroe and directed by Sunao Katabuchi (“Street Fighter”) and Kenichi Kawamura (Tenjho Tenge), this highly anticipated series features animation direction from Toshiyuki Sugano (Trigun) with Shino Masanori (Transformers) as character designer.  Featuring four intense episodes, Black Lagoon will be available as a standard edition DVD for a suggested retail price of $29.98 and a Limited Collector’s Edition Steel-Case with bonus disc for a suggested retail price of $39.98.  Prebook is April 17, 2007.

Black Lagoon Synopsis
Rokuro Okajima is meek, mundane and metropolitan. His business trip to South East Asia turns from pleasure cruise to festival of pain when modern day pirates board the ship and take him hostage. Revy, Dutch and Benny are merciless, maniacal and mean. Together, they make up the crew of the Black Lagoon. Making a living in a city where the most villainous of villains make themselves at home isn’t without its risks, but they take on any job available to them. Smuggling guns, drugs, kidnapped children and stolen goods while playing politics with the Russian, Italian, Columbian and Chinese Mafia is all part of a hard days work.  Amen. Hallelujah. Peanut Butter.



Black Lagoon Volume One
Prebook:                  April 17, 2007
Street Date:             May 22, 2007
Price:                      $29.98
Catalog Number:      12967
Rating:                    16 UP
Aspect Ratio:           16:9
Run Time:               100 Minutes Black Lagoon Volume One: Limited Collector’s Edition

Prebook:                      April 17, 2007
Street Date:                 May 22, 2007
Price:                           $39.98
Catalog Number:           12970
Rating:                         16 UP
Aspect Ratio:               16:9
Feature Disc Run-Time: 100 Minutes

Bonus Disc Features:
Featurette: Behind the Scenes of English Version Production
Promotional Videos
Japanese Opening
Creditless Ending
Music Video “Red fraction” (Opening song by MELL)

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